Apr 9, 2015

Goals (Update)

If you're new here, or don't remember my post last month, or the month before, or the month before that... I do these little Goal updates on my 2015 Goals. The only reason I share these on my blog is so that I can look back later on and see my goals (hopefully all accomplished) and get to be proud of myself! So since it is now April.. It's time to write the update on last month. 

2015 Goals:

Smile more 
~ Quality over Quantity (in everything. not just blogging)
~ Work on my handwriting (because mine sucks) 
~ Stay active on social media (yet another thing I suck at. unless we're talking about Pinterest...)
~ Build a loyal Classy Cathleen following (I would really love to find new readers this year!)
~ Instagram more (and another thing I'm awful at. It's a miracle if I post more than once a month.)
~ Continue to practice photography skills (I love photography, so I obviously want to get better)
~ Fix up old posts to make them the best they can be (some of my posts when I first started out were not good at all.... so I want to fix them up, and republish them out their on the web!)
~ Write more letters (snail mail is becoming a lost art, and I am determined to help to bring it back)

Smiling: Does enough count? I've been a little stressed, but I was all smiles when we were out camping, beaching and Spring breakin' last week! 

Quality over Quantity: I like to think that my posts are getting better. I'm no longer writing "just to get a post up". I'm putting lots of thought, planning, and time into each of my posts. It gives me such a great feeling to know that I've put that much work into something and seeing it go live. 

Handwriting: Yeah.. Nope. I've done nothing. Honestly I'm really disappointed. Maybe amidst all my studying this month and next, I'll get a chance to practice my letters while writing graphic organizer on study guide on vocabulary review.

Active on social media: I'm making a Tumblr and Twitter comeback! Facebook too! I posted on my page a total of about 4 times last month WOOO! hahaha, also Polyvore! I made a ton of sets, and it just feels so good to connect with people...

Finding new followers: YES SOMETHING I ACCOMPLISHED! I have made so many new and sweet friends and followers and have loved getting to connect with them. Primarily through Instagram and Twitter, but Polyvore and Pinterest and Tumblr are super fun too!

Instagram More: YES! I'm so proud of myself about this one! I diiiiid it!!! So many pictures from the beach, gardens, everywhere and I love my feed so much...

Photo Practice: We've had so many fun assignments this past month so I've loved trying out new things with my camera. We're playing around with photograms this week, which is super duper exciting. 

Fixing up old posts: I've decided to ignore this goal until Summer. It's totally unrealistic to think that I will have time to do that haha. 

Writing more letters: I've connected with so many lovely folks this past month, and hopefully will continue to connect with them throughout this month! I wrote 10+ cards, postcards, everything. It was so much fun decorating the envelopes.. I went kinda overboard on a few actually... #sorryimnotsorry but I love sending out letters in the mailbox. 

Goals for March:

-Finish another book: I'm thinking Girl Boss or maybe one of the others on my Pinterest board or my Reading List.
-Continue with my handwriting: I think my first attempt worked out, so I really just want to give it another go, and maybe write some full sentences in fun fonts!
-Have some more bloggers I know interviewed for my new Tuesday Talks. 
-Get my science grade up to a B?
-Purchase some new fun, Spring pieces!
-Continue to stay active on Instagram
-Keep up with my Cooking with Cathleen posts and share one or so a week


I haven't read anything... Wow I'm awful. Um handwriting is yet another unaccomplished goal. Only one more Tuesday Talks went live on the blog. Wow, again. I'm awful with goals. Report cards came out yesterday. My science grade was a C. I purchased a few fun things for Spring, but not too many. Instagram, check! I've been doing pretty good at keeping up with it. Annnnnnd Cooking with Cathleen posts have not been too good either. I need to get cooking.. 

So what y'all should have learned from this post is that I am a total slacker and that I need to focus, and check these goals off. I honestly just need to FOCUS. If anyone has some good advice to help with checking off my goals, accomplishing them, and moving on and setting bigger goals for myself! Any quotes, advice.... anything would be much appreciated. 

I'm actually embarrassed at how little I've accomplished, but I just had to write this so I can look back later on and know what was up. 

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