Mar 29, 2015

Why You Should Blog

I really enjoy writing these kind of posts where I get to share my advice on the things I've learned in my blogging experience so far. I am younger compared to other high school bloggers.. and all bloggers. And I started a year ago when I was even younger. I've learned a lot so far, and I can't wait to continue to learn even more, and continue to grow and share my thoughts with people from all over. So today's post is all about why you should start a blog. I feel like so many bloggers now-a-days are starting their blogs for all the wrong reasons. And, honestly.. It kills me. 

I know you've seen the infographics and images sharing people's stories about how many thousands of dollars they made in a month just from blogging. Those words spark ideas in people's minds. "hmm.. maybe I could do that! How hard can it be? Just sharing a few pictures.. writing a couple words.. and hit publish!" WRONG. NO. DON'T DO THAT. If those thoughts go through your mind, do us all a favor and don't start a blog. 

It all starts with a love for something. For me, I love writing, creativity, photography, and fashion. I found a way to bring all of my loves together into one blog! That's why I started blogging.. You have to be passionate about what you're doing. You have to have that drawing feeling to your laptop or computer to go write 50 maybe even 100 posts about whatever the heck you're interested in! If you don't have those feelings or the drive or the will to focus on your blog and work on it.. Maybe blogging isn't for you. 

I had seen a ton of bloggers get free stuff (that ever so lovely c/o was calling my name) and I wanted that. I wanted companies to want to work with me! Of course, I didn't want to put any effort into it.. so in the beginning my blog posts were honestly sucky. I'm not proud of them. I reevaluated myself after about three months of suckiness.. And I slowly started putting more time and effort into my blog. It deserves more.. but I'm doing alright right now. 

But anyways, where I was going with that.. I signed up for the affiliate programs, brand reps, all those reviewing sites, EVERYTHING. And nothing worked. I knew then that the way bloggers find these bigger companies is because they are really dang good at what they do. And the reason they are really good at what they do is because of all the passion that they have for their blog, readers, and a love for what they write about. That's honestly the only way you can make it in the blogging world. I haven't "made it" yet but I know that with even more hard work.. I'll be on my way. 

If you go into this wanting to make some quick and easy money, or get free stuff.. You won't be as successful. Trust me, I know. It's all about focus. If you think about blogging as a chore, that's really not a good way to think about things. Your blog is your very own corner of the internet. It's YOURS. You should take pride in your writing, your site design, and sharing your interests. 

I'm sorry this is kind of short, but honestly it kills me how many people run copy-cat blogs with content that is just like all the others, and ads all over the page trying to get money. Please, Please, PLEASE DO NOT BLOG JUST FOR THE MONEY! If you go into it with that mindset.. You won't find any money okay? You just won't. People want to see what you're interests are and read your thoughts and ideas. 

Wow okay this is shorter than I wanted it to be.. But I think I got my point across right? Blog with a purpose, and don't let that purpose be to make a profit. Make sense? Good. 

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