Mar 23, 2015

T.J.Maxx & Target (recent purchases)

I'm obsessed with paper products. 100% obsessed. I know most bloggers say that... BUT I MEAN IT. I go somewhat insane when I see a beautiful notebook with gold... foil... lettering... like I'm swooning right now just thinking about all the lovely things from T.J.Maxx and Target that I've seen lately. 

The second I walk into T.J I have to hold myself back. I make myself peruse through racks and racks of clothes that I would totally be all over.. except for the one aisle I really have my eyes set on. paper... Oh the to-do list tear off sheets, notebooks with quotes, journals, cards, Kate Spade erasers... Holy freaking swoon. It makes my heart happy. 

Do y'all think I'm crazy yet? Because.. I am. Insane. 

Then I walk on down past Bed Bath & Beyond to my favorite store of all.... TARGET. You might be thinking to yourself "I'm sorry what? She just said that Target was her favorite over J.Crew and all the others". Yep. You'd be right! Target is perfect. Need a swim suit? Or 20? Target has the VERY BEST DEALS EVER. Need some camping supplies for a weekend trip? Target's gotcha covered! What about a simple cardigan or a pair of wedges? Target has those too!

But that's not what I really love about Target......

Their cards are amazing. Like donuts, whales, navy, stripes, polka dots, solids, crabs, dogs, hedgehogs... You name it. I freak out when we get close to this aisle... I practically run over just to snap some pics and throw pretty things that I love into the cart. 

Here's just some uber small things I scooped up this weekend:

I always know that my ideas are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD ones.. Now I have the notebook to prove it! Also, can we talk about these cards.. Okay yep. No words. I'm in love with hedgehogs and donuts as of... NOW

above images via my Instagram.. (follow me here for fun quotes, photos... and everything!)

And these I didn't scoop up, but of course I had to photograph to share with y'all!

This Kate Spade eraser will be mine some day! I'm obsessed... @t.j.maxx

I'm obsessed with Target.. beyond beyond BEYOND OBSESSED! Also I spy a polaroid card set! I almost bought.. then I found the hedgehogs lol
What do y'all think? What are some of your best Target and T.J. Maxx finds? Share in the comments!

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