Mar 30, 2015

Inside The Beach Cabin..

Well hey there... If you read my latest Saturday Pinspiration, then you know I AM ON SPRING BREAK this week! God Bless. A break from the assignments, tests, waking up early and everything was just much needed. We headed on down to Myrtle to spend the rest of this week. I live about 3 hours away so it really wasn't a long drive. As I've mentioned before, we go to the SC State Parks a whole lot! Like almost every weekend.. but anyways. We're at Myrtle Beach State Park's cabins right now and it is amazing. It's so uncommercialized and there are woods, and real live animals in the wild. It makes me so glad that there are still natural places like this park out here amongst the craziness. 

So let me give you a tour of my room inside of the cabin: 

So Cath.. What the heck is in your water? ... Cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and another kind of cherry! It's super yummy btw

Um Hey Cath... What's in your clutch?? --Stationery duh

The room has a rocking chair in it like how much better can it get

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but I just wanted to share with y'all where I'm at this week.. Maybe expect some travel journals later? Haha I just needed to get on my computer and B.L.O.G.

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