Mar 4, 2015

Hilton Head Island -- Travel Journal Days 1 & 2

Just now finishing my travel journal sharings/photo dumps with y'all... I've made it through Disney World (all posts are here on Classy Cathleen), and now I need to share my short trip to Hilton Head! 

We left The Beach Club around 10 am and drove down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We arrived around like 2 pm to 3 pm. We took a super quick walk (it was really cold today.. not really sure why, like It's SC not Alaska!) so here are some photos from today:

inside the gift shop

inside the gift shop
inside the gift shop
So we had picked up some Mickey Mouse pasta and pasta sauce at the Beach Club before leaving so we borrowed some movies from the gift shop, headed back to the room, and made some pasta... let me tell you... it was pretty great.

the movies we rented from the gift shop
[next morning] cold. I am freezing. It is currently 6 am, and I felt the need to kick off today's journal entry by saying that I have been awake watching Sofia the First [Kathleen knows this is my favorite Disney JR show] and Mickey Mouse cartoons and Lord knows what else this morning. I woke up at 3 or so (the first night for me in a new place is always tough) and couldn't fall back to sleep. 

Looking out the window earlier, I knew I couldn't wait to run outside with my camera and snap some photos of Hilton Head and just how beautiful it is. I love having beautiful places like this under 4 hours away from my house. 

We got all checked out around like 12 or so this afternoon, and headed back home from the week long vacation. Sorry I didn't write more.. we just had a quiet and calm walk around the resort, before leaving (not before dragging my mom back up to the gift shop... where an attractive guy was, but we won't get into that right now... to find mickey mouse pretzels... 3 or 4 bags...) and then heading on home.

I hope you've enjoyed these travel journals, and I swear I'll have regular blog posts again.. I just really wanted to share some of my writing (even if it sucks) here because it's MY blog.. and because seeing my photos published on the internet gives me so much joy you have no idea.

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