Mar 7, 2015

Goals (Update)

Good gosh.. It's March 7th. Well, scratch the 7th part.. Y'all IT IS MARCH. Where did February go? Where did January go? So I'm a week late on publishing this goals update.. but better late than never! As I said in February's update.. these posts are mainly for me. I really enjoy looking back on my life, seeing what I've accomplished, and having this blog really helps me to look back what I wanted to accomplish, what I didn't accomplish, and what I need to try harder to accomplish. 

February was amazing. For starters, I went to THE Happiest Place on Earth.. Which was so much fun! You can see all my travel journals if you do a bit of scrolling through on my blog! I took sooo many pictures that were shared in all 5 of the posts. After we left Disney World, we headed for HHI so this month has definitely been busy.

After coming back to reality and school.. I was OVERWHELMED with all the things I needed to do and check off my to do lists. The past three weeks have been filled with assignments for me, and February just zipped right on by. 

Let's take a look at my goals from January's "2015 goals":

Smile more 
~ Quality over Quantity (in everything. not just blogging)
~ Work on my handwriting (because mine sucks) 
~ Stay active on social media (yet another thing I suck at. unless we're talking about Pinterest...)
~ Build a loyal Classy Cathleen following (I would really love to find new readers this year!)
~ Instagram more (and another thing I'm awful at. It's a miracle if I post more than once a month.)
~ Continue to practice photography skills (I love photography, so I obviously want to get better)
~ Fix up old posts to make them the best they can be (some of my posts when I first started out were not good at all.... so I want to fix them up, and republish them out their on the web!)
~ Write more letters (snail mail is becoming a lost art, and I am determined to help to bring it back)

Smiling- welllll.. I haven't been doing as much smiling as I should have. By this I mean I haven't relaxed after homework and completing my assignments, or pushed myself to just be chill even though all the stress and to do lists. 

Quality over Quantity- In blogging: I tried to show a more personal side of my blog this past month through my travel journals. I loved the concept of showing y'all what I saw through pictures, and telling about my days. In school: I had 2 major essays and projects due this past month that I really tried to give my all at. I actually earned high 90's on them so yay! 

Handwriting- I DID IT! It's still not perfect (not by any means.. not anywhere close), but I have practiced!

via my Instagram

Staying active on social media- I've been a bit more active on Twitter, defenitely with Pinterest, and Instagram started strong but died off. 

New readers- Just a few.. but welcome to you:)

Instagram more- I posted about 21 times this past month.. That's pretty good improvement! My feed was like my absolute favorite thing the week while I was at Disney World.. but since then I've been slacking.... 

Photography- We've had a couple assignments that were really fun, and I'm obviously gonna share really fast with y'all!

this was a part of my attempt at a photo montage.. I just really liked this picture out of it haha

What d'ya think? 

Old posts- I still haven't fixed up any old posts.. I might just wait until Summer to work on them!

Letters- Well, I sent one! I'm awful at snail mail... I'm sending a few postcards this weekend though!

Other small accomplishments:

  • I read a book! I finished reading "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai, and it was amazing!
  • I'm currently pulling a high C in Science which is HUGE!
  • I totally cleaned up my Pinterest boards, and I couldn't be more obsessesed
  • My inbox is pre- spring cleaned!

Goals for March:

-Finish another book: I'm thinking Girl Boss or maybe one of the others on my Pinterest board or my Reading List.
-Continue with my handwriting: I think my first attempt worked out, so I really just want to give it another go, and maybe write some full sentences in fun fonts!
-Have some more bloggers I know interviewed for my new Tuesday Talks. 
-Get my science grade up to a B?
-Purchase some new fun, Spring pieces!
-Continue to stay active on Instagram
-Keep up with my Cooking with Cathleen posts and share one or so a week

YAY for new goals, new months, and new days to accomplish those new goals in!

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