Feb 28, 2015

Walt Disney World -- Travel Journal days 5 & 6

So I've been much slower than I had planned with these Travel Journals.. Yes, I had them all written from my trip.... so it would have been an easy publish then done right? Wrong. The pictures have taken a lot of time to go through and sort out the crap from the ones I actually want to keep. School has been insane... and I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and get my shit together. I'm sorry if you really just couldn't wait for another travel journal to go live... (probably none of you but whatever)... I decided to satisfy your needs with not one.. not two.. but THREE journal entries all in ONE POST! That's right folks you heard it from me, Cathleen Slagle.. hang on to your hats (or scarves.. how about scarves? yep, that sounds better). Hang on to your scarves! It's gonna be a looong post...

Day 5

So today we walked next door (next hotel rather) to visit our friends who work at The Yacht Club. Mrs. Hyacinth (like the flower.. such a pretty name!) Mrs. Velma, and Mrs. Jenny. We brought Hyacinth a flower... a hyacinth, and I instagrammed it on our little porch before carrying it on over. I got a few weird looks, but I didn't care. At least I was carrying a flower and not hundreds of dollars in Disney merchandise (basically 3 bags full of stuffed animals) like I saw in the hall. 

After hanging out at The Yacht Club, we walked on over to the bus stop to ride to Magic Kingdom. 

waiting for the bus.. the littles are doing some pin trading

IT WAS INSANE. SO FREAKING CROWDED. Like the wait times.. Lordy lordy, I wish I had taken a screen shot! It was crazy.. 

So.. Those were about the only pictures that I took, because I would have had to fight people to get any other photos. After spending about an hour waiting for a couple of rides, we just decided to leave and go to Epcot. I used my "speedy fingers" as my mom calls them to schedule some fastpasses for the park which was not crowded at all God Bless. 

how cute are my siblings walking along the beach.. Also, I'm not sure what Jonathan's eating... Maybe Swedish Fish?

I so did not mean to photograph that adorable little family over there... haha oops

Yes, I did get up and jump around with my siblings after riding Figment... Because I am a child.. 100%

How crazy huge are these wintermelons I saw at Living With the Land..  

I attempted to take a picture of my absolutely favorite birds in all of  Disney.. And it came out blurry. Wow. Well, at least I got to see them!
We hung out in the park for the rest of the day, which was amazing.. We got our pictures taken with the characters (which was also amazing) and I must admit, I was looking a little rough.. but I got to meet Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie..... so I mean life is pretty great.
Pretty sure I had just tripped out of excitement on my way to giving Goofy a hug #typicalcath
Day 6

So we decided to attempt Magic Kingdom again today.. My brother and sister still hadn't ridden (is that a word??) a few rides they had been waiting for all year. Like my sister really wanted to do Haunted Mansion, but she talked herself out of it right as soon as we got in the doors. We're talking tears and the whole sha-bang. A few older women were starting to take pity on her... We started to walk, and we came across the shooting range. It's one of the only things at Magic Kingdom that my family and I hasn't done. I got some action shots of my siblings hahaha

And of course one of the only pictures I got of Main Street came out like this... C'mon Black Beauty (my camera's name) why'd you let me down! 

Oh wow, thanks Black Beauty.. Yet, another blurred 

 We went back to the resort, swam, and made a family decision to go head on over to Epcot, and watch Illuminations. And this time, I brought my camera (insert applause here).

Notice the two guys right there on the back of the boat? Yeah, well, they were hard core judging me as I took their pictures.. jk the goal was just the boat.. but they happened to be on the back!

My absolute favorite... Ah so long Paris, I'll visit as soon as possible

Holy Crap.. How incredible was all that? The best place to watch Illuminations.. Is by far, Japan. I loved it. It's sad to think that this is the last day of my trip to Walt Disney World. It's been an amazing trip, and I don't want to go back to South Carolina. I really just don't.. Hey Beach Club! Are you all good with me hanging out here forever? Good? Good! 

Stay tuned for my HHI Travel Journals (I might just combine them, and get them up later tonight! Pictures and all! I'm excited.. 

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