Feb 15, 2015

Walt Disney World -- Travel Journal Day 3

Picking up where I left off….

It is a beautiful and warm morning here in Orlando. One of the perks of being on club level of the Beach Club is the food that is offered throughout the day. Breakfast in the morning, snacks in the afternoon, h'orderves in the evening, and desserts plus more snacks at night. I woke up craving fruit and cheese, and that’s exactly what I picked up from the Lounge. Check out this picture I snapped of my breakfast (round 1 out of 3) to share on my Instagram.

 JUST KIDDING. I so did not snap this picture.. I took my breakfast to eat in the room because I was wearing some Nike running shorts and a sweatshirt with my Bean Boots and I felt like people were judging me sooo I decided to go hide in the room and eat, watch Mickey Mouse cartoons, and get dressed. In order to “snap” this picture, I had to have 50 or so failed attempts at taking this picture. Obviously you notice the porch and my Jack Rogers sandals in this picture. Well we’re not gonna talk about what my feet smelled like after getting them out of those boots…. Let’s just say it wasn't so great. But I had to have something to post on my Instagram. By this point, I’m starving and smelly and still in my shorts and sweatshirt awkwardly standing on the porch holding my plate and camera at a weird angle. Then this older woman walks out onto her porch a few doors down from ours. I don't even want to know what she thought of me at that moment, but whatever right? I got my picture, I got a shower, and I put on clean clothes and actually looked decent.

We had plans to go to Hollywood Studios, and meet my “grandparents” for lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby. We call my grandparents Oma and Opa (the German word I believe for grandparents) and they're not really my relatives. We basically adopted them.. But anyways! They wanted to take us out to lunch at their favorite. In order to get there from The Beach Club, we took a boat. The boat (for some unknown reason) was running a little slow this morning so I pulled out my camera and just had a blast. There was a sea gull sitting on this little pole thing over on the dock so I took 60 or so pictures of it waiting for it to be in just the right angle and the lighting and silly things like that. But I got my picture.. finally.

Riding in the back of the boat is so much fun.. Literally the best part of my day not even kidding

Once we got to Hollywood Studios.. we realized we were still a little early. We had just enough time to ride Star Tours for my younger brother. It’s definitely one of his favorites. I didn’t get any pictures there due to the really weird lighting.. but I mean I don’t usually share Star Wars pictures so I guess it’s okay haha. After the ride, we walked down to The Hollywood Brown Derby. We walked inside only to find my Oma having a huge discussion about a cake? With the lady at the desk. She was looking pretty fab in her black and red roses floppy hat… (pictures later). But before we sat down, I excused myself for the ladies room. I walked in and my eyes were drawn immediately to the floor. The pattern and color was just amazing. I was obsessed. 100%. I pulled out my phone and took about 20 different pictures at 20 different angles of my dress, sandals, and the floor. This lady walked out of the stall and judged me hard especially when I did a small little victory dance when I got the perfect one. But again, I got the picture and that’s all that matters.

So we sat down at the table, and I was taking pictures left and right. I was so busy taking pictures that I didn't realize the Shirley Temple in a glass before me. I don’t know how I didn't notice.. It was blue and glowing, but whatever. So here are some snaps from The Hollywood Brown Derby:

Pictures like these are all around The Hollywood Brown Derby.. They're so so great. I absolutely love them

I don't know.. I guess I clean up okay haha as does the rest of my family of course!

my super yummy drink

My view from the table

My siblings and I all had red potato with a chicken breast.. It was pretty great. About half an hour later, our server came out with a birthday cake for my sister! We all sang, and she was just full of smiles for the rest of the day.

Shortly after this however, my mom and I had to scoot on out. We both had fastpasses reserved for

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Well hey there.. That's me! Right there! Front seat! Screaming my head off

Rockin’ Roller Coaster (my mom totally jammed out to Dude Looks Like a Lady the whole ride) and the Tower of Terror. It was my first time on both of these rides, and I had a blast. SO MUCH FUN! Afterwards my mom and I perused around some little gift stores, like The Muppets (aka my favorite) and The little Writer’s Shop. We eventually caught up with Oma, Opa, and the rest of the gang right outside of The Muppets Theater after they finished their show. We walked on down to the little gift stores up near the park exit and I got Mickey Mouse pretzels (the very very best pretzels you could ever get in your life) my siblings got into pin trading the other day sooooo they picked out quite a few pins to trade and to keep while we were shopping. AFTER ALL THE SHOPPING we exited the park, and hopped on the boat to get back to The Beach Club. Once there we picked up some snacks, and chatted with Oma and Opa in our room for a little while or at least until the h’orderves were put out. Then we had some dinner, and Opa was tired so he walked over to the Yacht Club (where they are staying) and caught some zzzzz’s.

via my Instagram This was so so sooo yummy omg

Oma and the rest of my family embarked on our “Sweets Around The World” Epcot tour which was so much fun! I am a HUGE fan of sweet treats, and when I can go around the world (ish.. I mean I was still in Orlando) it’s so much more fun to get an idea of how things taste in other countries. Now my Oma isn't the fastest walker, and she gets worn out very easily so we only had time to stop in France and the UK before heading back to Beach Club. (hey it’s me Cathleen interrupting my own TJ to tell y’all to look for photos of ALL the sweets around the world –minus a few—in my Hilton Head Travel Journal that will go up after my WDW TJ does.. okay resume. Earlier tonight my mom and I met up with my Oma Q and her favorite server from The Brown Derby over at The Beach Club Lounge… (They had drinks I didn’t.. Me being the good girl that I am haha) We got Oma set up on Facebook which was literally amazing, and just talked for a little bit. Then I went off to bed around 10 pm, where I am now sitting and writing this journal entry of my day hahaha.. Goodnight!

Stay tuned for another part of this rather long recap tomorrow!

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