Feb 15, 2015

Walt Disney World -- Travel Journal Day 2

So picking up where I left off….

We have some friends that work at Beach Club. Well, actually let me do a bit of a backstory here. So when my family and I leave home for Disney World… It’s not just about vacation. It’s about thanking and ministering to others. The cast members at Disney World work so hard. They have to put up with those unmagical, complaining, and rude guests that visit the hotels and the parks. You know the people I’m talking about. I hate that the cast members have to put up with this. They’re such kind people and they don’t deserve to be treated the way that certain guests treat them. As Disney employees, they are only allowed to accept 2 things. A picture and a note. So my family combines the two! We order thousands of family pictures and write thank you notes on the back and hand them out to the cast. We start with the ones that are having the worst days, but also just as much of the cast as possible. The cast members get paid jacksquat when you look at all they deal with. Another thing my family does is bragging on the cast to their managers. Disney has Applause-o-grams and we fill them out, mail them in, and the cast gets recognized for all that they do.
One other thing that my family does is attempt to bring smiles to the guests at Disney. We’ve all seen those families that got to Disney by the grace of God, and God’s grace only. We’ve also seen the families that are stressed, tired, frustrated, and just plain ticked off. We try and bring smiles to those people. Usually, throughout the year we purchase as many Disney toys and stuffed animals as absolutely possible. We attach a little note saying “Just a little bit of pixie dust… Have a magical vacation!” and tell the child that Mickey said they would be there. This year was a little different. We ordered hundreds of pink sparkly foam tiaras and passed them out to teenagers, young girls, moms, and even older women. It just makes me so happy to see others happy.

Okay so a few years ago my parents were just walking around The Beach Club and they ran into who I now know as Mrs. Teena. She was the greeter that morning. My mom and dad decided to give her a picture and just thank her for all that she does. At the time my parents were staying at Coronado Springs (I think.. don’t quote me on that) so when Mrs. Teena asked them what room they were in (meaning at the Beach Club) my mom asked where the bathroom was haha. When she came out my dad was talking to Mrs. Teena and her manager about them moving my parents from Coronado Springs to Beach Club (and on 5th floor club level might I add). They obviously said yes and hurried over to their previous resort and gathered their things and came right over. Since then, we haven’t stayed at another hotel on property. So when we checked in yesterday, we were in a standard room on the 2nd floor, which was absolutely amazing. But this morning, we woke up to a phone call from our good friend Mr. Neil who works at the concierge desk up on the 5th floor. Neil called to tell us that he upgraded our room and that we would be staying club level for the rest of the vacation. We had breakfast reservations at 9:30 over at the yacht club, and Neil told us we had to get all of our stuff packed and loaded up on the carts and into storage before 9:30. We were rushing right and left and just all over the place. But we made our reservation in time, and got all the way up on the 5th floor on time as well!

This picture was taken after we had made it to the 5th floor, all our stuff in the room, and heading out for a day at Ebcot to get one person from every pavilion to sign my sister’s birthday book. (Notice how blogger I am in this picture haha! Scallops, navy, Jack Rogers, and my camera.) She had so much fun seeing the different languages, handwriting, and the accents of everyone. Here are some peeks inside of the newly refurbed room up on the 5th floor:

How cute is she?? Photo taken by me
She met Cinderella, and we rode a couple rides such as the Three Caballeros (I spelled that totally wrong omg) in the Mexico Pavilion, and a couple others like Spaceship Earth. Here’s some extra photos from the day:

Walking along.. Eiffel tower and the Disney Friendship boats

The United Kingdom



Canada Pavilion

The ancient ish temple in Mexico

In one of the stores of the Mexican Pavilion

One of my favorites... Donald, Jose, and Panchito are the greatest, and this is like my favorite part of the ride

This is what happens when you attempt to take a picture of the Chinese pavilion without looking through the little viewfinder thingy to take the picture.. It came out decent haha I guess

The Beach Club

Well this is awkward.. My sister took this when we were chilling in the lounge.. Pretty sure right after this I ate bowls of yogurt covered pretzels #noshame

My adorable little sister at the beach of the bay in front of The Beach Club

My favorite, France


The very best place to watch Illuminations-- Japan


I forget what this is a statue of.. In Italy

The cuckoo clocks in Germany

The Christmas Pickle tradition in Germany

My favorite snacks from Germany

flowers lit up

Epcot at night
Stay tuned for Day 3

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