Feb 14, 2015

Walt Disney World -- Travel Journal Day 1

 Here are my journal entries from the past week while I was in The Happiest Place on Earth. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, You probably know (or have pieced together) the basics of my trip. I left home Saturday, February 7th. From where I live in South Carolina, it was a 6 ½ hour drive to get to Orlando, Florida. During the ride, I read I am Malala, ate a couple bagels, and drank SO MUCH WATER. Like you have no idea how much water I drank.. It was a lot. We stopped off in Savannah, Georgia for a bathroom break and a quick trip to Walmart to get some cheese, turkey, and more water haha. The rest of the ride was just straight on. My dad drove the entire way. As soon as we left Georgia and moved into Florida… My excitement grew and grew. I could barely contain myself! If you follow me on Twitter….. I was constantly checking the GPS like every 30 seconds to see the time go down, and then I would tweet it.

 I know, I know, I’m weird.. and basically a 4 year old but whatever. Who cares? Anyways, back to how insanely excited I was.. I was pretty much shaking in my seat. My foot was bouncing up and down and I just was excited from head to toe.

The Beach Club is a resort on property at The Walt Disney World. It is an Epcot resort, and is within walking distance of both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
Here's a little peek of the downstairs lobby

Here's a bit of what the Beach Club looks like

The Swan and Dolphin hotels, The Boardwalk, and The Yacht Club are next to it along the boardwalk that connects them all. There are a few bars, a lake, boats, surrey bikes, ice cream parlors, clubs… Things like that located near it. The Beach Club is hands down, the best. When we drove past the “Welcome to Walt Disney World” sign.. I screamed (then quickly took a pictureof it and tweeted of course). And so did my brother. And my sister just laughed at us and screamed later. As we continued on driving into the gate to Beach Club, I screamed again. Annnnnd I’m pretty sure that the car behind us judged me pretty hard hahaha but again, Who Cares? So the guy was very nice and welcomed us home because that’s just what they do at Beach Club. Bell services helped us load everything out of the car and onto those fancy little gold carts and back into storage. While waiting on our room on the second floor to be ready, we walked on over to Epcot and went to the Moroccan pavilion for some lamb, cous cous, and salad. SO GOOD. I’m a huge fan of the tiling and mosaics they have around this pavilion and the fountain outside of it is beautiful. 

via my Instagram

After eating dinner, we headed back to the resort, and caught a bus to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom was having Extra Magic Hours until 2 am that night for resort guests, and my mom and I were feeling up for it sooo… that’s what we did. BUT BEFORE THAT….. My sister’s birthday is February the 8th, and one of her long time dreams (I guess you could say) was to celebrate her birthday at the Magic Kingdom.

Here's my adorable little sister meeting Cinderella the day after her birthday
Well, she got her wish. We went to the Emporium (only after counting down the hours and riding Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Small World, and the People Mover of course) and the cast members helped us count down the last 10 minutes of her being 8 and turning into a new 9 year old. It was so sweet of them to help us out, and my sister absolutely loved it. After midnight, my dad rode with my brother and sister on the bus back to the resort while my mom and I stayed a bit longer for some extra magic. I rode Space Mountain for the first time, and can I just say? I loved it. SO MUCH FUN. We also rode Big Thunder, and a few other things that I am totally not going to remember because of how tired I was. All I remember was having oh-so-much fun.

We got back to the resort at around 2:30 – 2:45 am. I slept until like 8:30 am later that morning. 

{Be sure to check in later for my Travel Journal day 2. Also, sorry everything is so weirdly written. I like to journal and write about my days.. so this is just y'all peeking into my life! Hope it's even remotely interesting hahaha}

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