Feb 6, 2015

Amy Ruth Designs (Update collab)

One of the perks of being a blogger is that certain brands and companies are willing to sponsor you with some of their products for you to test out for yourself. I love writing reviews (even though I rarely write any here on the blog) so that's just another reason I love being a blogger. Months ago.. Like we're talking back in the Summer of 2k14.. I received some products to review and use from Amy Ruth Designs. I know if you read blogs you must hear the word "obsessed" a lot.. so I'm sorry for having to use it again, but there is not another word to describe my love for paper products. I am obsessed with all notebooks, agendas, planners, notepads, sticky notes, cards, stationery.... If it's paper, chances are I'm in love and I cannot get enough. 

A couple weeks ago I noticed that both Carrie and Courtney have worked with Amy Ruth Designs.. but that they haven't been featured on either of their blogs or my blog in QUITE some time now. I thought it would be oh-so-much fun to put together a little collab to show y'all our products from ARD (Amy Ruth Designs) and how we still use them for school, organization, and our blogs. 

So here was last times post..... Now let's get into this little update type of collab:

I recently tidied up my little table/mini office area so I thought I would share the little different parts of it before going into detail on my ARD products. 

Over on the far left side of the area, I keep my Lauren Conrad Beauty book (fingers crossed for more coffee table books this year) and my Kate Spade agenda.

Inside this adorable little snowman bucket decoration that I picked up at a church bazaar a couple years ago, I've been keeping my paint, Spring snail mail, and just a few random paper things. That little navy and white notebook is from ARD... Hint. Hint.

Inside of my DIY Name mug.. I just keep pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, a car charging thing for my phone... you know just basic stuff. Coasters are from The Blush Label!

Tissues are a must. I've been doing a lot of sniffling lately.. so it's always good to have a box handy.

Baby Cathleen photos (or at least my happier moments) are inside of the ceramic bowl thing I made in art class (for more details.. check out this post)

Headphones are a must because I love to jam out. Spotify is amazing.. and it just makes homework the tiniest bit easier if you have Geronimo playing in the background or Sia's Your Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile playing nonstop. 

Okay that's enough of that.. Let's get into my products from Amy Ruth Designs

These adorable little cards are just absolutely perfect for attaching a short note with a gift, or maybe even a short and sweet bit of snail mail! The patterns are just too cute! Flamingos, anchors, sailboats, and seahorses...

This cute little mini notebook came in a pack of two. It's missing half of the pair was anchored on the outside and striped on the inside. I'm 90% sure that my anchored notebook was in the car from last weekend.. but I do still have them and I love to use them for shopping lists, notes, and super quick to dos.

It's been what.. since September? and I am STILL OBSESSED with this phone case. I love different languages and different fonts and gold and navy so basically.. this is perfect. Amy Ruth Designs has the best phone cases.. So many different patterns and prints!

Featuring two items in this picture.. My page flags (I have more but they were all in my bookbag because I use them in class) and my planner. I use the planner for my blog because I don't really have like a specific "blog planner" (however.. If you want to print your own check out this one, and this one). I seriously just love that "Oh my gosh, I'm organized!" feeling and planning out posts with this planner definitely makes me feel that way. The page flags are just like sticky notes but so so soooo much cuter! I love using these when I'm studying in one of my notebooks and I have to keep flipping back and forth or when I'm reading. 

I use this sailboat notebook from Amy Ruth Designs for blog post ideas. You can see in the picture above where I scratch things off as I write them, or if I decide against that idea. It's literally such a great notebook and the pattern is just adorable!

So what do you think? Are you ready to place an order at Amy Ruth Designs? I know I am! Be sure to check out Courtney's and Carrie's blogs later today to see their Amy Ruth products :)

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