Jan 17, 2015

Saturday Pinspiration

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Carrie Carlisle aka my amazing, beautiful, and fabulous twin // follow her here
Poor Little It Girl // follow her here
Sarah Zerbe // follow her here
The J.Crew Archives // follow along here
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This week I may/may not have gone extremely overboard on both Pinterest and Tumblr. There is no denying the fact that I am an addict. Especially last night.. Last night was bad. And honestly early this morning when I couldn't sleep was pretty bad too.. I did some damage. Also just kind of thinking back on last night.. I just realized I was eating whoppers when I was creating and filling up my new "healthy" board! Too funny..

On a different note: I have been trying to make my Instagram feed better. It's getting there.. It's definitely not perfect or anywhere close, but I just want to be proud of it. Let me know if you have any ideas or tips:) Hope y'all all have an amazing (long) weekend!

Oh and check out my new about page!

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