Jan 24, 2015

Recent Favorites

The last time I did a favorites type of post was mid Fall. Now I don't do "Friday Favorites" or "Monthly Favorites" on a regular schedule. Honestly, I have no idea how I've kept up with Saturday Pinspiration on a weekly basis. But anyways, I thought it was high time I wrote another favorites post! There's not really any specific theme to this other than things I've been loving lately.. Be sure you leave a comment telling me something you've been loving lately! 

That's enough of that.. let's get into some of my recent favorites......


The flower necklace and the gold tree necklace were Christmas presents from my momma. I haven't worn the flower one quite yet, but it's so pretty! The gold tree necklace is super long, and I've worn it a few times. I've never seen the Divergent movie or read the book (I know, I know.. I need to.. My friends have already yelled at me for this haha) but I've gotten multiple comments on how this necklace is like something from Divergent? I don't know, but I really like this necklace. 

The pearl necklace is incredibly long. I've always wanted a pearl necklace that I can wear in two strands or three, or wear it long, or knot it... There's just so many things you can do with it and I'm so excited. I picked this up on my most recent (and very first) trip to Nordstrom Rack which opened up a new store in Harbison, SC recently! They have soo many shoes, clothes, jewelry, everything for such great prices! 


Lately I have been loving fun little cards.. Okay scratch that. I've been obsessing over all paper products lately. Cute notebooks, stationery, cards, you name it! I found the black dress "thank you" cards at T.J Maxx, and the others at Marshalls. The notebook you see above came from T.J Maxx I believe.. I'm in love with this quote and the photo does not do it justice at all. You wanna know something funny? I've taken Spanish classes since the 3rd grade, but I love French. It's not a language I want to learn how to speak, but it is a language that is so pretty and romantic and I love it. 


Okay so at my high school, you have to take a prerequisite class before taking any other art class. Pretty sure I've mentioned this.. I don't know how I couldn't have.. but I'm really interested in photography. I could definitely see myself as a fashion photographer or a photojournalist. But anyways, I had to take Design Foundations before taking my photography class this semester. One of our many projects in Design Foundations was to create a pattern stamp, make our own design for either a bowl or platter, form the bowl out of clay, stamp our pattern stamp in it, and then paint the design a certain way, fire it, and ta da! Here's what I made.. It's not exactly what I imagined it to be in my head, but I'm not completely unsatisfied with it. It's definitely unique and original compared to the other students' creations. 

Christmas Cards:

I love Christmas. So so so much. Super special thank you to everyone who sent me a card over the holiday season. I'm talking to you Julia, Marissa, Carrie (x2 because I have the best twin), Jamie, Courtney, Kate, and Ashlee (subscribe to her YouTube channel)! I love y'all.. Thanks for taking the time to make my day:) 

Oh and P.S. See those Christmas cards in the last two photos? Those are the ones I used this season, and I still have some left if any of my blogging friends would like some Holiday cheer.. In February.. Let me know, and maybe we can start up some snail mail! 

Clothing & Shoes:

As for clothing.. I've really been loving this gray cardigan by Ellen Tracy I found at T.J.Maxx. We have a dress code rule at my school that says you can wear leggings as long as you have a top on that covers your butt. Well guess what? This cardigan goes down past my butt and is the warmest most coziest thing I have ever worn before. I love it. 

As for shoes.. I picked up these riding boots at Target because they were the last pair in the store, and they happened to be my size.. It was obviously a sign that these boots were meant for me. For the cost, they're pretty good boots. These nude taupe colored flats (similar) were also found at Target. I'm in love with this color, and I cannot wait to get some wear out of them. And of course, my Bean Boots. What would I do without them. I wear them hiking, in the rain, and just as regular boots. 

Random Favorites:

These photo was taken of me when I was super young.. I don't know the exact age.. but I came across it the other day, and it's definitely one of my favorite photos of me as a baby. 

I've been using this mug just about every day. Hot chocolate and tea is what gets me through my b-days at school.. My b-days are what I like to call my "educational days" because all my tough, core classes are on my b-days. Sometimes a girl just needs a whole cup of hot chocolate to get her through the day. 

via my Instagram // For Christmas I got this incredible Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera. I'm so so so so sooooo excited to learn more about it, and take more photos with it! 

That's about all the things I've been loving lately.. Let me know some of your recent favorites in a comment below :)

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