Jan 7, 2015

New Year's Goals

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I'm gonna be honest here.. These are basically just the next 3-4 month goals if that. I know I will grow and change in this year so these goals will probably be irrelevant or make zero sense by the end of the year. I think I might just stick with monthly goals.. BUT ANYWAYS.... IT'S 2015! Ah! So incredibly excited for this year and all there is waiting around the next corner. I thought (like basically all other bloggers) that sharing some sort of "goals" post would be a great "kicker-offer" to the new year. So without further ado... Here's my main focuses for the next few months:

Smile more 
~ Quality over Quantity (in everything. not just blogging)
~ Work on my handwriting (because mine sucks) 
~ Stay active on social media (yet another thing I suck at. unless we're talking about Pinterest...)
~ Build a loyal Classy Cathleen following (I would really love to find new readers this year!)
~ Instagram more (and another thing I'm awful at. It's a miracle if I post more than once a month.)
~ Continue to practice photography skills (I love photography, so I obviously want to get better)
~ Fix up old posts to make them the best they can be (some of my posts when I first started out were not good at all.... so I want to fix them up, and republish them out their on the web!)

~ Write more letters (snail mail is becoming a lost art, and I am determined to help to bring it back)

Expect more goals later in the months to come! What are some of your goals for this 2015 year?

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