Jan 8, 2015

Let's Discuss: Snail Mail

So in my most recent post, Goals for This Year, I mentioned how I would like to write, and send out more snail mail. I've always been a fan of sending and receiving letters. Every since I was a little kid. It's so much fun to walk out to the mailbox, and have something sitting there! Just for you! Ripping it open, seeing the pretty card, and saving the card basically forever. 

Recently I have been on the look out for cute cards to use for snail mailing purposes. I stumbled across this website, and I immediately fell in love with all of their designs and prints. The website is called Postable, and they partner with designers to have beautiful prints on all their cards. As i looked farther into this website, I learned more about the service they offer.

Postable is a website that allows users to choose a card, type a message, and pay for the card, postage, and other fees all on their site. Their are different fonts you can use to make the message look more like handwriting, and you can send messages in bulk or send different messages to different friends. I started thinking this over in my head... Would I rather handwrite my cards and mail them myself, or pay to have them sent out and printed for me? 

Postable does offer the option of purchasing the cards blank, and sending them yourself, but their main service is printing the cards and mailing them out for you. I feel like Postable's services are good for certain things like weddings or parties.. but maybe not snail mail. I think of snail mail as a handwritten and personal thing. Would it be fun to try? Of course! Am I going to purchase some of their cards to send out on my own? Definitely! 
Let's compare: Handwritten card (sent to me from Kate of A Sprinkle of Kate) and a sample card from Postable sent straight from Postable themselves!

"Merry and Bright" card is from Kate, "Thank You" is from Postable
Handwritten: left//Typed: right

What are your thoughts on Postable's service? Is it something you would be interested in? Do you prefer handwritten notes over typed notes?

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