Jan 16, 2015

Hunter Green + Oconee

One of my family's favorite places to visit is Oconee State Park in my home state of South Carolina. We enjoy staying in the CCC original cabins at the park. Our last trip was the week of new year's, so it was a lot of fun to welcome in 2015 at one of my favorite places. My brother was the one that told me that this outfit would be good on the blog.. So of course I listened to him! He offered to help me and take photos, so here's an outfit that I didn't get published.... Until now! I hope you enjoy this super simple, and basic look that I just had on a typical day in the cabin. 

It was super windy especially right up next to the lake so my hair doesn't look like it does in those first two pictures all the time haha. It feels good to finally get this post up.. It's been sitting in my drafts since January first. These were also the last pictures I took on my dad's Nikon dslr before getting my new Canon Rebel T5! Super excited for what's to come this year.. I hope everyone has a happy Friday, and an even happier weekend! Check back here tomorrow for some Saturday Pinspiration :)

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