Dec 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

While I should have been studying butt off for my exams this week (read my midterms post here) I was in the mountains chilling at Table Rock State Park. They have CCC cabins available for rent, and the cabin that we rented had the perfect view of both Table and Bald Rock. The park was hosting a Christmas bluegrass event at the CCC lodge, and my parents (both being from Tennessee) love bluegrass music so we just had to stop by and stay for awhile. 

I had a lot of fun this weekend, but as today is Monday.. and I have my Spanish midterm today.. I'm gonna need lots of prayers to get me through the rest of this week and the rest of my midterms. 

Here's Friday night - Saturday in photos (Sunday's photos haven't been uploaded yet haha)

My sister took this basically as soon as we got to the cabin.. I was pretty tired, and a bit crazy. That's just how I get really late at night haha. 

At Aunt Sues we stopped in the Glass House, Wood Shop, and Rock House.. And I took pictures :)

 Linda at the glass shop was so kind. She gave me, my sister, and mom all a bracelet. 

 Here's around the park.. Table Rock is kind of large so I don't exactly remember which parts of it the pictures are from. So here's all of them from the rest of the day!

p.s. check out my new babies that came in last week.. I'm obsessed.

So for the bluegrass event at the lodge.. we decided to bring some fruit in this super cute little Santa basket. I thought it was pretty cute..

sneak peek at an outfit post coming atcha at some point this week

Get excited for that outfit post!! I hope to have it up tomorrow:) 

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