Dec 5, 2014

Tiny Tulip Gift Guide

If you didn't know.. I write for the TinyTulip blog, Preppy Monogram Style along with Hunter from Prep on a Budget. Lately, I have been posting Saturday Pinspirations on the blog, and Hunter does fabulous Fashion Friday posts! Y'all should definitely check it out... 

So Tiny Tulip is one of my favorite companies when it comes to monograms. They have incredible customer service, and Crystal is the sweetest person ever! Monograms always make a great gift because they just add that bit of personalization to any item, and Tiny Tulip is one of my favorite sites to shop for monograms. 

Patterned vests: When J.Crew Factory brought back the herringbone vest.. I think the world stopped spinning just for the tiniest little bit. I love the look of these vests with a monogram! That striped vest is to die for. . striped vest//herringbone

Clear umbrellas: Y’all don’t judge.. If you’ve been reading Classy Cathleen for a while now then you know I fall in love with and obsess over the most random things. So if you’ve been keeping up with everything that I’m “obsessed” with.. Add this to your list! Clear umbrellas are literally my favorite thing for rainy days. I love them more than Lilly Pulitzer umbrellas if that tells you anything. Personally, I would be fine having this product without a monogram on it.. but we all know that monograms make everything better! An umbrella like this would be the perfect gift for a friend or someone who has a bunch of umbrellas from their work, but not a cute one like this. This would be perfect for a blogger too because think about the lighting you can get if the umbrella is clear! You can take the cutest rainy day photo shoots!!

Cosmetic bag: This is a great gift for anyone.. All women wear makeup, so why not give them a place to put it when travelling! Plus I think these polka dots are absolutely adorable.

Note cube: If you have a mom or friend that works in an office, this would be a super cute gift for them. It’s cheap too if you’re shopping on a budget!

Rain Jacket: This ones a bit more expensive.. I would say a sister or a really close friend. I wouldn’t buy most people a rain jacket as a gift, but if you live in a rainy area.. This could be the perfect thing!

Yoga crop pants: We all know those people that are always at the gym, or running, or working out at home, or in Yoga classes. I wear yoga pants and exercise leggings just about everyday (sometimes the school, but most the time just at home) so you don’t just have to give these to people that always are at the gym. But aren’t they the cutest? The monogram on them just makes them so adorable! I would wear these over my regular leggings any day.

Long-sleeved tee: First off, I love the placement of the monogram on this t-shirt. It would go perfectly with a vest because you could still see the monogram on your arm. And this is a great gift for anyone because everyone wears t-shirts.. so why not give them one with their monogram on it!

Plaid scarf: Have y’all seen the Burberry version of this scarf (minus the monogram)?? I adore it, but it’s so expensive. Of course, there are knockoffs of it.. but I mean why get just a knockoff when you can get a monogrammed look-a-like of the scarf! I am in love with this scarf.. It’s a great gift for just about anyone.

I hope that you got some great monogrammed gift ideas from this post, and just because y’all are the amazing people that you are.. Here’s a giveaway from me and Tiny Tulip just for you! I thought it would be nice to get a chance to win a gift for a friend, or just give a gift to yourself! 

Enter to win the plaid scarf shown in the gift guide image at the top of this post:) I think it's absolutely perfect and something I definitely want in my closet!

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