Dec 6, 2014

Saturday Pinspiration

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Three new things happening with Pinspiration posts -- 
-Photos are going to be as large as possible while still being clear images
-If you click on the photos it will take you to the original source from where the image was first pinned from. Do me a favor and pin the images FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE AND NOT FROM MY BLOG. I would like to direct y'all to the original place and not my copy of it. 
-I will be having featured boards of both mine and my favorite pinners.. so y'all can follow too!

My Newest boards + Boards You Should follow
Follow Cathleen Slagle's board {Holidays} on Pinterest.  Follow Cathleen Slagle's board {Details} on Pinterest. Follow Cathleen Slagle's board {The Undeniable Report} on Pinterest. Follow Cathleen Slagle's board {Covers + Catalogs} on Pinterest. Follow Julia's board cozinha on Pinterest. Follow Courtney Layne Brewer {BHMM}'s board Music and People on Pinterest. Follow Stylish Sassy and Classy's board Jewlery on Pinterest. Follow Carrie Carlisle's board HIGH FASHION on Pinterest. Follow Michaela Fisch's board Christmas on Pinterest. Follow Constance Browne's board Inspo on Pinterest. Follow Caitlin Cooper's board Fashion on Pinterest. Follow Anna Tselevich's board Dream House on Pinterest. Follow Ashlee Sweet's board words on Pinterest.

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