Dec 4, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Holiday DIYs

Do it yourself projects are my absolute favorite. I honestly love them them because I know that there's a pretty good chance that I'm going to fail or my ideas in my head won't exactly match up to the reality of the project if you know what I mean. That being said, I find most all of my inspiration from Pinterest. I have a board for just about everything, and even with all the ones I have right now.. I still feel like there are plenty more I can still create! #confessionsofapinterestaddict P.S if you're not following me.. I'm basically on at least three times a day (yeah when I said I was addicted... I wasn't lying). So FOLLOW ME HERE.  

Anyways so here was the inspiration behind these two do it yourself projects

{golden pine cone garland}

{potato stamped wrapping paper}

SOOOO... Let's start with my DIY fail. It did not come out the way I wanted it to at all!! I couldn't cut the potato right and there were just so many problems! Hopefully y'all will have better luck than I did. P.S all these diys were made with things that I had just already laying around my house!

First you need to find a potato. Sweet potatoes would be alittle harder because they can grow all crooked like in the ground. In the picture above I have a red potato, but just regular potatoes would work great too! Chop your potato in half. 

Next, pick a shape (that's fairly easy to draw) that you would like stamped on your wrapping paper. You're gonna want to stay away from complex shapes like the holly shown above. Even the bell was quite difficult (as you can see in the finished product photos) because it was round and knives aren't really the best tools for cutting out round shapes. Try things like Christmas trees or gift boxes or if you want to do a geometric pattern.. squares and rectangles.

Cut out your shape and stick it on your potato. AND YES I do say stick because mine stuck right on! If it helps you see better on the potato you can outline it in sharpie like I did. Then, get your knife ready, and shave off the layers of the potato. Basically, YOU DON'T WANT TO DO WHAT I DID IN THE PHOTO BELOW!

I got into like potato chopping mood or something... but you're not supposed to chop. You're supposed to basically still have skin on the back side of the potato. More like the one below

Like I said earlier.. THIS WAS A FAIL. 

For the next part of this DIY you're gonna need some brown paper (the kind that comes on a roll), and some paint. I chose red and green to keep the Christmas-y mood! You then dip the potato in paint, and stamp it onto your brown paper. I had a whole lot of fun doing this.. By the way, make sure you listen to Christmas music while you are crafting. Here's some more photos:

It doesn't look like a bell AT ALL. But they kind of remind me of Christmas lights or ornaments.. I don't know haha!

Here's the finished product after I wrapped up my friend's gift in it!

Now it's time for the pine cones.. This is the SUCCESSFUL diy project out of the two! I'm obsessed with gold, and I love all things in nature. And when I saw that image on Pinterest, I just knew that I needed to recreate it and make it myself!

We didn't have gold spray paint lying around, so I decided to just use regular paint and paint the gold straight onto the pine cone. I got gold paint ALL over me, and I got asked so many questions about it at school the next day haha. Here's some photos:

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