Dec 19, 2014

Penguins and Pearls

Exams are officially over. Thank the good Lord. This week is probably the longest week in my life. I was so so glad to come back home today after school to a tin of chocolate covered pretzels (my all time favorite). Being done with exams is just the best feeling. I did fairly well in all classes except for Science (75). 100 in Spanish, 85 on English, and 85 on AP human geography. I took a few others but I don't have the grades for those.

Our last day of school before break is always tacky sweater day. Well, not so much tacky as it is Christmas and winter themed. This year, I had a penguin sweater. I love it. It's absolutely perfect. Well... Except for the awkward shoulder pads. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I love it. 

I talk with my hands wayyyy too much.. Anyone else like that? Well my brother just captured me being me on camera. basically.

Yes I am dancing in the middle of the street.. and yes I am singing to Blank Space just with a super awkward expression. Somebody tell me why I'm so awkward.....

 Again.. Why am I so awkward? Someone please tell me!

sweater: thrifted// jeans: Old Navy// necklace: Versona Accessories// boots: L.L.Bean


I know most people wouldn't share these super ugly photos.. but I do. Wanna know why? I'm human. Yes, I'm a blogger.. but my life is not perfect. I get stressed out, I break down, I cry, I have extremely awkward moments just like everyone else on this planet. I feel like it's important to share my awkward funny moments just so you understand I'm not perfect.

I was basically celebrating the end of exams with Taylor Swift songs and dancing in the street. It was actually incredibly fun. AND I PROMISE I WILL ACTUALLY HAVE OUTFITS WITH GOOD LIGHTING UP OVER BREAK. I get home so late from school that the sun is barely still up. But my goal over break is to work on as many posts as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post:) Do you have a favorite Christmas-y sweater?

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