Dec 12, 2014

Midterm Prep + Tips

The worst part about high school (in my opinion at least) is midterms ad exams. The amount of stress that they put on students is absolutely crazy. I cannot take it. I have my midterms the week before school lets out for break. I have two midterms every day except Wednesday next week. I have been so stressed out all this week and last week. 

The week before midterms is supposed to be extremely easy and not stressful at all. However, my teachers all have grades that they need to enter into the grade book.. so I have been overwhelmed with smaller projects, labs, essays, outlines, and other assignments this week. Plus all the stress that comes with those assignments, which only adds to my stress with midterms. 

I don't know about you, but when I get super stressed out all I want to do is go in my room and just be by myself. It can take a while for me to calm down, but good friends and Pinterest always help. I had a couple smaller stress related break downs, and one fairly big one the other day (special thanks to a certain someone for helping me get through. You know who you are:)) 

After calming down, I pull out my agenda and start studying. My main focus these past few weeks has been to review for Physical Science and AP Human Geography. My other classes are going fairly well so I decided not to stress over them. As it gets closer and closer to exam week, I start going to bed a bit earlier, and spending less time on Pinterest and other social media including my blog :(. I drink a lot of tea, and take even more notes in class. The gum chewing gets a bit out of hand (as does the cookie baking).. And I turn my room upside down searching for index cards and highlighters. 

My Tips on Studying for Midterms:

  • Get as much sleep as possible. Eat dinner while studying, take quick showers, and sleep of course. Put the phone down, cut the T.V off and just sleep. 
  • REVIEW ALL NOTES. I always write my notes in my own words, and I feel like it's easier for me to study when I can read my own words. I call it "Cathleen talk" haha
  • MAKE COOKIES. You obviously don't have to do this, but baking helps to calm me down and get me back into focus. 
  • Handwriting, typing, note cards, and highlight. I have a little system where I spend one night copying down important notes by hand, the next night typing, then note cards, and then highlighting key parts from my studying. I find it really helpful.
  • Talking with friends. Sometimes I just need that special person to help calm me down. Whether it be your forever friend, someone you met through blogging or maybe even a close family member, I feel like you need someone to rant to about life, and someone to calm you down. 
  • Write everything (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING) down in your agenda. I know I get so caught up in studying I forget a smaller assignment that was due. Color coding or just writing down assignments might help you get everything done. 
  • If you hear your teacher say something that sounds of ish importance in class.. go ahead and write it down. It could be an indirect hint at something on your test. 
  • Read some blog posts. I enjoy ending the night making stress free, uber random lists and reading my bloglovin' feed. I feel like it's just such a quiet calming thing, and I honestly do it almost every night. 
  • TEA. Yes I'm from the South, and YES I love sweet tea, but I also love Raspberry Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings. I just love how warming and amazing it makes you feel inside. Hot chocolate works too haha. 
P.S. Special thanks to all my bloglovin' followers (there are 150 of you like omg) I love you all so much. I truly appreciate you for following along with my insane self. 

P.P.S. Thanks so freaking much to all my Pinterest followers, and all the undeniabaes and everyone for calling me the Pinterest queen haha and for repinning basically everything. Y'all make my life :) 

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