Dec 25, 2014

Christmas With The Slagles

Merry Christmas everyone! Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, Merry Thursday! Christmas is my very favorite holiday.. I mean it's Jesus' birthday. If that's not reason to celebrate,, I don't know what is! Every family has different ways that they celebrate, and I would love to share a look into my family's traditions and such :) So put some Christmas music on, and continue reading! 

Let's start with Christmas Eve. We stayed in our pajamas basically until like 2 pm. We went to the 3 pm service at my church. All morning I worked on part of my siblings' Christmas presents. My parents are very eclectic when it comes to music, so I put a whole bunch of random songs on a playlist, and put it on my sibling's iDevices. There's like 400 + songs.. So hopefully they'll like it, or think it's funny or something. So in between downloading CD's, I made cookies! 
(In front) Oatmeal with chunks of apple and raisins (In back) Snickerdoodles

After making cookies (and eating way too many snickerdoodles), the lasagne was ready! We have this thing in my family where we always eat Italian food on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. After lasagne, I got ready for church. We went to the kids service, and it was absolutely adorable. The soloists were so cute, and they did an amazing job. After church we drove around to downtown Columbia.
The Christmas tree at the state house

When we got back home, we turned on Prep and Landing and ate some white beans with chips. Then we went to bed pretty early, and my parents stayed down and wrapped presents! 

On Christmas, we wake up early-ish. Like 8:30 - 9 am. We eat breakfast and read the Bible before opening anything. Well, usually. Today was a little different because we skipped breakfast to get to the presents. We still started with the Christmas story though. 

After we read the story, we went downstairs and all sat in the living room. My mom passed out presents, and it was perfect. I got my L.L.Bean boots a few weeks early, so I had less to open, but I'm perfectly fine with that. I got some necklaces and bracelets, and chocolate covered pretzels so it's all good haha. Oh and a basketball goal (finally)! 

So as for the rest of the day, I will be calling family members (including my twin ily Carrie) and grandparents and everyone and also watching Christmas movies.. oh and setting up that basketball goal. 

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