Dec 10, 2014

Blogger Birthday MATCH UP

I know a lot of my readers are other bloggers (which is super cool by the way) and some of my best friends are bloggers! Like Carrie and Courtney :) But basically, blogging is a huge part of my life. Courtney of Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook and I have come up with a Birthday Match -Up program for bloggers that have the same birthday month. Any blogger can fill out the form, and we will pair you up! You will get to send birthday gifts and snail mail (obviously) to each other.. It's pretty exciting y'all. I promise you'll love it.

Courtney and I hope that this will be a great experience for you to get to know a new blogger and hopefully become friends outside of this program! Bloggers: when you fill out the form, please expect a confirmation email with a follow up form asking your likes and dislikes and other information. Please share this with your other blogger friends because we would love to see as many bloggers as possible be a part of this!!

BLOGGERS: If you are interested FILL OUT THIS FORM

We are so so so so soooooo excited to be hosting this match-up for bloggers with the same birthday month.. probably because Courtney and I both have birthdays in the same month! And seriously, who doesn't love getting birthday presents and snail mail?? I know I love opening the mailbox and finding fun little cards and packages.

PLEASE SHARE ON TWITTER AND/OR FACEBOOK so we can make sure we have plenty of bloggers participating!

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