Nov 25, 2014

York Design Gift Guide + a Giveaway

It's getting to be that time of the year.... I'm so so so excited for Christmas and just the holiday season! With Thanksgiving this week, and December coming up very soon I thought it was about time to put up a gift guide for one of my favorite companies, York Design Company. I am obsessed with the needlepoint cuffs and other products sold on their site. 

Laura, the owner of the company is super sweet, and pours everything into YDC. She's been on the Today show, as well as Bethenny talking about her company! I worked with Laura back in February for a review and a giveaway, and it was a whole lot of fun. It had been a while since we had worked together.. So Laura reached out, and asked me to put together a little gift guide, and even host a special giveaway! 

So let's move on into this gift guide.....

ydc gift guide

Above you see my favorite cuffs from YDC. Are you in love with the hand stiched needle point yet? I know I am. The colors, the patterns, and everything are all done by hand, and it looks 100% incredible. I feel like jewelry is always a good and somewhat easy gift to give if you are uncertain of what to purchase for a friend or someone else. These cuffs are great because there are so many different designs and prints! If you check out their website you'll find everything from monograms to leopard, and from alligators to lacrosse. There's plenty of patterns to choose from.

Personally, some of my favorite cuffs from YDC are the cuffs in the Francesca Joy collection. I am a sucker for any bright colors and prints.. That's why I love Lilly and Kate Spade so much! But the navy and pink toile cuffs above, and the middle cuff on the bottom row are all from the Francesca Joy collection. These cuffs are $48. I know that seems a little pricey, but I have 3 cuffs from YDC and I love all of them. I think they're definitely worth the cost!

If you love monograms.. YDC has you covered! Hand-stitched, needlepoint monograms on a cuff.. Could it get anymore perfect? Polka dot monograms, quatrafoil monograms (both single initial and three letter monograms are available) jungle love monograms, and chevron monograms (both single initial and three letter monograms are available)... They're all pretty perfect, and I'm 100% obsessed.

I think that monograms or initial items make great gifts. Especially these cuffs! So, I have partenered up with Laura to bring you a fun little giveaway.. Know someone who's name starts with a "C"? Does your name start with a "C"? Go ahead and enter in this giveaway.. Maybe you'll win!

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