Nov 19, 2014

Favorites this Fall

I know Fall is just about every bloggers favorite season... but personally, I'm more of a Winter girl myself. I love cold air all the time, and not off and on like Fall here in South Carolina. You have to have clothing items for all different types of weather here in South Carolina. Like 60 degrees to maybe 30 or even low 20's... but then the next day the high could be in the 70's. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this Fall.. things that I've been wearing A LOT, and will continue to wear for the rest of this season and probably into Winter as well. 

1. This old fur vest.. I found it in my mom's closet, and there's a story behind it! So.. my older brother has autism, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, and my mom needed to do a non scary Halloween costume because of how young I was, and because she was helping out in Isaac's class. She decided to be a momma bear.. And when I wear this vest to school, I actually get called a teddy bear, kitty cat (???), puppy, and basically all these other furry animals haha. 

I love wearing this vest with plain white tops and/or white oxfords or button downs. It's a little outside of my comfort zone.. I'm a huge fan of basic quilted vests, but I saw this and I have pushed myself to find new and fun looks that I am 100% in love with including this vest. 

2. FLANNELS; If I could wear a flannel and leggings everyday for the rest of my life.. I don't think I would have a problem with it.. I love, love, love, love, the comfortable, casual, and with a touch of lazy style. I actually found this Eddie Bauer flannel at a thrift shop. If you have never heard of Eddie Bauer... It's very similar to L.L. Bean! I'm a huge fan. 

I love how you can label a flannel with either a basic quilted vest, simple vest from Patagonia, or even just wear it as it is with leggings and boots. You can make flannels casual or simple and lazy. (If you follow me on Pinterest.. You definitely know my love for plaid and flannels and everything else Fall)

3.This scarf is my favorite so far this Fall. From beginning of the season.. to now.. to probably forever and almost always (until I get a blanket scarf!!). I just love the color change in this scarf with the grays and super small touches of blue. You might remember this scarf from this linkup earlier in the season... Here's a better look at the scarf, and where the color changes in it. It's a little odd.. but I love it. 

4. This short sleeved striped dress from Target has been one of my most favorite things. Target is my go-to place when I need something fast, or I see a trend that I would love to try out for the blog, or just try it on my own. I really like this dress because you could wear it with a black blazer for like a work type of occasion, or my personal favorite.. A denim jacket and boots.

5. Classic sweaters like the one shown above are an obvious staple for Fall. I personally love shopping at Old Navy and Target for the best prices on sweaters, but J.Crew has some fabulous pieces too. Heres some of my favorites: link//link//link//link//link//

6. Gingham shirts are another thing I've been obsessed with this Fall. They are great for layering with simple sweaters, and just the pattern is so classic. You can wear them by themselves, with a cute vest, or under a sweater.. and either way they look fabulous! The one shown in the photo is one that I scooped up actually from the thrift store last year.. It's one of the J.Crew perfect shirts, and I'm just so in love. I've also seen the larger buffalo checks (I think that's what they're called) oxfords this Fall. They have been big with layering, and J.Crew even used the pattern on some vests! (J.Crew & J.Crew factory)

And here's a random favorite of mine.. It hasn't yet made its debut here on Classy Cathleen, but I have it. The J.Crew scalloped dress. I have wanted it for ages and ages and ages... And it's mine, and I love it.

What are some of y'all's Fall favorites? 

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