Sep 29, 2014

It's Fall Y'all

Hey Y'all, 

So.. I try to stay super active on both Polyvore and Pinterest when I might not have enough time to post on some of my other social media accounts and my blog. A couple weeks ago I partnered with another Polyvore user to run a little contest to welcome Fall! We called it Classy Fall Prep, and I'm here to show y'all some of the AMAZING sets that were entered in the contest, because I am in love. 

It's Finally Fall!

Classy fall prep

fall contest audition!

Fall contest - please do

Fall Contest

Fall Contest!

{I made this one!}
#classyfallprep @classycathleen @grahamb1 @emilykh99 @thoroughbredwonder @olivia9262 @lovely-regal @preppygirlnellie

Riding boot contest!

Classy Fall Prep Contest

Classy fall prep tag

{Sweater Weather}

Classy Fall Prep

Classy Fall Prep

rainy fall day!

Classy fall prep contest!

warm fall day

Fall Contest!

Fall Date Night: Classy Fall Prep

Belle of the Fall

Contest//Read below!

Classy Fall Prep Contest

Fall Contest!

classy fall prep contest

Holy chic!
{I made this one too!}
Contest entry. (Sorry for the suckish set!)


Bows & boots
{And this one too!}
Classy Fall Prep

Walkin' Through the Autumn Woods

Fall contest!??

[New York Street Style] + My Fears Tag

Classy Fall Contest

Falling For You

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Back!

Music tag (Read D)


Contest!! Read below!
{Annnnnddd this one!}

I hope y'all liked ALL of these Fall sets.. I hope you got a little bit of Fall inspiration from these, and if you are a fashion lover and not yet on Polyvore..... Be sure to create your account! 

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  1. All of these outfits are so cute!!!!!!

  2. Ahh I love all of these looks! I'm getting so excited for the fall weather to set in!

    Emily |

  3. Wow all these outfits are literally perfection- I want to wear like all of them! I am also so excited for fall weather- it needs to get colder so I can wear cute boots and stuff!

  4. So glad you like them Itunu! Thanks for reading:)

  5. Thanks Emily for reading:) I know what you mean.. I love Fall!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad you love all the outfits.. I know right! Fall is just around the corner!!


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