Sep 4, 2014

Amy Ruth Designs

I. Am. The. Worst. Blogger. Ever. 

That's literally all that has been going through my mind this week.. and last week.. I love writing, I love reading other blogs, I love sharing my life and opinions with y'all and school is not letting me do that!! AP Human Geography is going to be the end of me! It is taking away pretty much all the free time I have.. Same with English, Science, and all those other fun classes! I am so sorry y'all! I have not forgotten about any of y'all! Every single day I go to bed all frustrated because I didn't get a chance to blog, or finish painting my room!! I feel so unaccomplished in my actual life outside of school work and tests and all of those other joy filled assignments.. Okay, enough ranting and raving. 

Basically, this afternoon, I got a surprise package in the mail! Well, not a complete surprise but I had no idea when it would come or what was in it.. So yes. A surprise package. Anyways, I flipped out! I was super duper excited!!! It was from Amy Ruth Designs.. and if you have not heard of their site, um you need to check it out now. Perfect does not even start to describe how I feel about Amy Ruth Designs. Anyways.. I was sent some items, and I am DYING to show you!

*Excuse my awful iphone photography! I was dying, and I needed to show y'all ASAP!* 

This is a very J.Crew- esque case.. I'm obsessed! I love saying hello (I mean who doesn't?) and I love navy and gold.. So overall this is perfection! 

I love snail mail.. I love writing little notes to people and these cards are just the right size for either snail mailing or thank you notes! P.S. let me know if you ever want to know do a bit of snail mailing with me! I would love to exchange info with you! 

Would you get a look at these prints... Oh good gracious! Seahorses, polka dots, flamingos, colorful anchor polka dots, umbrellas, and blue coral.. Ahh.. This is so perfect! I am obsessed! 100% obsessed! 

This paisley patterned agenda.. I already have a Kate Spade agenda, but you can never have enough agendas! Right? Oh definitely! Oh my gosh this is perfect!  I will use this to schedule all of my blog posts, giveaways, trips, everything oh my gosh I am so excited to use this! 

Here's a peek at the inside cover.. The print is to die for! And I love starting off an agenda with a quote.. It's so calming and inspiring.. AND I promise that this little book will be filled up with quotes for inspiration and other lovely things like that! 

And one last little peek.. So sorry that the orientation is off on the picture! Like I said earlier.. iPhone photography....

Oh my gosh.. These nautical patterns are perfect. No, scratch that. They are BEYOND perfect! And again.. I am obsessed!!! 

I'm anchor obsessed. Wait, let's expand on that! I'm obsessed with all things nautical! This is an adorable 2 pack of mini notebooks... Literally perfect! 

Sorry about the orientation again.. but honestly, this is so cute.. I'm obsessed y'all. 

Sailboats are amazing. I love sailboats and stripes! This is a spiral notebook.. which I will more than likely use for all things Classy Cathleen.. Or APHG I need bright colors to lighten my mood in that class. But this is perfection!

Here's a close up on the print! 

And here's an inside peek! How cute is that inside cover pattern? Everything about this is beautiful! 

Ok, so what do y'all think? I am obsessed with all of these adorable and perfect products from Amy Ruth Designs! I cannot wait to write reviews later on about these products and take better quality photos for y'all!

Oh and be sure to follow Amy Ruth Designs on Instagram and Twitter (@amyruthdesigns) 
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  1. Omg...I totally feel the same way, I'm trying to keep up with blogging but I basically have 6 classes out of 7 that I receive college credits for (basically AP)! It's soooo hard to post and such :( but I looooove the stuff you ordered, it's so cute! I have to check out these companies! & snail mail sounds fun-I would love to partner up to do some 'bloggy snail mail'
    Goodluck in school!(:


  2. I'm definitely struggling right there with you. Adjusting to these first few hectic weeks as a student are always the hardest but once you find your groove it's back to normal. It's always good for me to set aside a few minutes to give myself a break. Blogging allows me a little creative outlook in my day to think for a bit about something that's not just notes and projects and tests. Good luck as you're navigating these stressful first weeks, it always gets better!

    Emily |

  3. Awww what a wonderful little package to arrive to let you forget about your busy schedule for a minute! Amy Ruth Designs are beautiful, nothing better than great stationary!


  4. Definitely! It was so great to take a short break from life, and get a package!

  5. Oh my gosh.. adjusting is the hardest part! I agree, blogging does give me that relaxed feeling after letting out a little creativity in a blog post. Thanks for the luck and motivation:)

  6. Thanks Kadasia! It is so hard.. Good luck to you too, and I'll email you later on about some snail mail!

  7. I totally agree on school consuming my blogger life! But I love all the stationary, definitely have to pick some up! :)
    -Ti :)

  8. Hi hun! I'm a writer at Undeniable Report as well. I found your link through the group, so I immediately checked it out! I looove your style. I'm definitely following you and looking forward to reading more posts xx


  9. Thank you! & alrighty I'll be on the look out haha (;


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