Sep 18, 2014

A Look Inside My Camera Roll

Ugh! I am an awful blogger!! I am so sorry y'all! I try so hard, but I like don't even get to use my laptop during the week. I use my iPad for most of my homework, so I haven't been getting on my laptop like at all. Anyone in my family will tell you that IT KILLS ME not to blog. Ugh I'm so sorry y'all have to deal with my awful-blogger-itis... One of this days I will get everything balanced out!

Ok so.. I bet you're wondering what I've been up to! If you follow me on Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ect. Then you might have an idea.. Or you've seen pictures.. But now it's time for you to see it (finally) on Classy Cathleen. This is like a What I've been up to//A look inside my camera roll. Enjoy:)

Alright, starting with the first weekend of September. I visited Poinsett State Park, and we stayed in one of their original CCC cabins. It was great. I love the SC state parks with all my heart. They keep me sane. Poinsett was beautiful and I got a couple photos for y'all

There was a nice little fireplace in the cabin so we thought.. Why not make s'mores and confuse the heck out of the people in the cabins next to ours when they see smoke coming out of our chimney. We had s'mores 3 times in the long weekend we were there, so it was a lot of fun. (if you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter then you saw this picture)

One of the nights we were there, we went on a little walk around the park before bed.

Annnnd I was cleaning out the fireplace and this little guy crawled out of one of the half burned logs. My brother helped to put the little thing back outside, but it was still so funny! 

This was my official Labor Day picture.

On our way back home we stopped at Goodale State Park where I snapped these...

And because I cannot get enough of this skirt.. I wore it a week ago I think, but how can you not love Sarta Designs? I'm obsessed.

Moving on along through my camera roll..... AP human geography is an insane class, and this is our vocabulary words to define from the last couple of weeks. I had lost my sheet, so my friend Blake sent me a picture of his. I should probably delete it though because week 4 is due this Thursday. 

And Amy Ruth designs! Check out the blog post here. I am obsessed with all paper products, and these are just adorable! 

An awful picture I know.. It was first thing in the morning and the lighting was awful, but this is my bright pink eyelet dress from Old Navy paired with a denim jacket of course to make it more appropriate for fall.

Ahhhh... If you follow me on Polyvore, then you know I ordered this dress for homecoming and I'm obsessed. I screenshotted this when I was still deciding to buy it or not. I did and it came the other day, I just haven't gotten a chance to take a good photo of it or with it on yet.

And this because I had chick-fil-a and I was happy, and my Patagonia sticker is just too dang cute. 

This scarf is perfection. I'm obsessed. See the outfit post here

Ok so this past weekend I went to Edisto Beach State Park and Hunting Island State Park so here are my most recent photos

{took this one after USC won! Thanks to Courtney from BHMM for keeping me updated while I had no wifi. Sorry it's such an awkward picture..}

Sorry for the photo overload, but I like showing y'all the Cathleen behind the Classy Cathleen. 

I'll have to do another look inside my camera roll post eventually! 

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  1. Courtney Layne BrewerSeptember 19, 2014 at 2:15 PM

    Love this post! And you're welcome of course for all the updates on your Gamecocks

  2. Sometimes life gets crazy and you forget to blog, its a good thing though it means you're busy experiencing life, haha!


  3. Love this type of're right, its nice to see 'the face behind the blog'! (:


  4. It really is! Thanks for reading Kadasia:)

  5. Thanks for understanding Alex! You're completely right.. I am busy experiencing life, but I do miss my blog.

  6. Thanks again:) And thanks for reading!


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