Aug 24, 2014

The night before.. Back to School

So.. Just so you know, I did put all of this together the night before school #doitfortheblog I thought it would be better to share what I really do rather than to put the post together over the weekend or something. This is really what I did the night before in preparation for "the big day" on Tuesday. It's actually pretty funny to think about what I must have looked like... I had my laptop set up on the table, and right after I would do something, I ran over to my laptop and wrote something down! I was running around like crazy.. And just a wreck by the end of it haha! But I did it for y'all to give you a teeny little peek of my life:) I hope you enjoy this post! *I feel awful about not getting this up sooner... but school (specifically APHG has gotten in the way) but I knew I needed to put this post up!*

4:08  Wanting to take a shower.. but have to finish baking cookies (recipe coming to Classy Cathleen soon)

4:26  Cookies are done! Time to run upstairs and grab my Eeyore robe, and hop in the shower

4:52  Yes, I realize I take long showers. It was probably because of nerves and things like that.. oh well, at least I'm clean!

5:06  Time to start making lunches for tomorrow! Chicken and cheese with a little bit of mustard.. Yoplait strawberry yogurt, bag of pretzels, and a green apple. Healthy and fairly well balanced! I made ish the same thing for my siblings' lunches too.

5:35  Now.. I'm hungry. I'm gonna make some pasta.

6:18  Pasta's done.. and completely eaten. It was pretty good haha!

6:30  Time to pick out my outfit laid out for tomorrow

6: 34  I'm thinking my Old Navy chambray shirt.. and jeans? Yeah.. I think I'll go with that.. and Jack Rogers.

6:45  It's definite now.. Chambray and jeans. Now to lay out the siblings' clothes.

7:18  Time for bed now.. Have to be well rested up for school tomorrow.

7:24  Last minute Pinterest motivation.. I love great quotes with inspiring and motivational words. And it's a great way to end your day! Calm and relaxing.

I fell asleep ish around 8 because I got on Pinterest, and I just couldn't stop pinning things.. Until I dropped my phone and I didn't feel like picking it up.. haha

Anyways, I did end up wearing my chambray shirt and jeans. The Jack Rogers probably weren't the best choice for shoes. Over the Summer, the school went through quite a bit of construction.. so I did quite a bit of walking and my feet were killing me by the end of it. Sperry's probably would have been a better choice. Oh well! It ended up being ok in the end! The first day of school is always a little overwhelming for me. Ya know? New teachers, new people, new courses.. ugh just a lot of stress. But it gets better as the week goes along! I hope all y'all had a great first day of school.. or if you haven't started back yet.. I hope you will have a great first day of school!

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