Aug 25, 2014

Polyvore & Pinterest tips from a pro

Hey Y'all, 

If you have been reading Classy Cathleen, or following me on social accounts such as Polyvore and Pinterest.. then you know how obsessed and active I am on those two particular accounts! If you are not familiar with Polyvore.. it is basically a place to create and share sets. Sets being outfits, collages, blog images.. pretty much whatever! I typically use my @classycathleen account on Polyvore to create outfits. I post at least once a day.. so be sure to check that out for some daily style inspo! 

If you're not familiar with Pinterest.. Hmm.. How can I say this.. Do you live under a rock? C'mon! Like you must have heard of it at least once before!! Pinterest is one of my favorite things to do (after hiking and Polyvore of course). I love organizing images, recipes, style inspo, tips and tricks, shoes, bags... Anything and everything into boards where I can look at them later! Follow me here

Anyways... The pro I mentioned in the title of this post is none other than Stephanie of the Polyvore and Pinterest accounts steffiestaffie. Stephanie is from South Carolina {like me! :)} and is a lover of style and fashion as you can easily tell by looking at her Pinterest and/or Polyvore profile. She is super sweet, and I am a huge fan of her accounts. I discovered her on Polyvore, and I loved how she could make so many original sets for so many different styles. It was all so amazing and inspiring. Her accounts inspired me to start pushing my creativity, and seeing if I could make more Polyvore sets, and expand my style! And well.. my style has definitely expanded and changed over the past 4 months when I really started to push myself. Anyways.. Stephanie has a really large following on both Polyvore and Pinterest. She is what I consider to be a pro! I thought that it would be super fun if I asked her for some tips to share with y'all about both platforms since she is so familiar with them... And she agreed! So.. Without further a do.. Here are some tips for your Polyvore and Pinterest accounts! 

Tips for Pinterest:

1.  Most important tip I believe is you've got to enjoy what you do. I thoroughly enjoy Pinterest. I love to pin. I like finding & pinning things that my followers will enjoy. If you do not enjoy it you will not make time 
for it. Which brings me to my second tip..

2.  I pin often. I make time to pin almost every single day and twice a day at that. I like to pin in the morning and then mid afternoon to late evening.

3. Keep it fresh. I like to find pins that I have not seen yet. I go on searches or will pin from the web just so it's new. Followers like new things.  Which leads to my fourth tip ..

4.  Find other pinners like yourself. I have more than a handful of pinners that I follow that love to pin and pin often like I do. Great pinners do think alike.

5. My last tip is be friendly and if you love what you do the being friendly is easy. I have made some wonderful friends on Pinterest. My friends and I leave comments under our pins and we communicate often. That's what makes it so fun as well.

Tips for Polyvore:

1. Most important tip for Polyvore is same as Pinterest is you've got to love what you do. I love Polyvore probably more than Pinterest because it's where I can really let my originality and creativity flow.

2.  With Polyvore it is important to create sets often but I believe on this site quality of a set trumps quantity. But still important to create often. I try to create 1 to 2 sets every single day.

3.  Another important tip for this site is to keep it original. Be Yourself. I think it's great to be inspired by others but copying other sets is cheating yourself from the creativity that you possess.

4.  Its important to find other members to follow. It's a great way to build friendships and encourage one another in your own creativity. I have met great people and made some wonderful friendships on this site.

5. Join groups and enter contests. This is also a great way to be known and follow others. Plus it's a lot of fun which is most important for both sites!

I encourage you all to follow Stephanie's accounts.. I promise you will like what you see! Oh and feel free to leave your Polyvore & Pinterest usernames in a comment below so that I can follow you:) 

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