Aug 22, 2014

Five on Friday

Hey Y'all, 
It feels amazing to just sit here, and not worry about any homework.. Well I mean I will obviously do it tomorrow, but It's just good to change out of my sweaty clothes (I'll spare y'all from the other details), a quick rinse off, cropped yoga pants, an oversized Salt Life tee, a sports bra, and a super messy bun. You know what I mean? I am ALL about comfort! Oh and I'm currently sitting on the floor completely surrounded by binders, paper, folders, notebooks... yeah... Well week one of back to school is over.. now it's time for the first weekend of this school year! 

So... It's Friday. If you're new here at Classy Cathleen you may/may not know what a Five on Friday is! Basically, I choose five items that I am currently obsessed with to share with y'all on a Friday.. like today. So here we go!

Five on Friday
1. Short Sleeved Princess Dress: First of all.. It's called a princess dress. Um, how perfect is that! I am obsessed with the Disney princesses.. so this dress is literally perfect!! I love that dark green color. It's my all time favorite color! And now that its back to school, autumn, ya know.. I can finally wear my favorite color! This fab dress is from Black Five and is also available in white! {link}

2. Military Jacket: I have been obsessed with this color for the longest time.. I love how casual and "street style" ish this jacket looks. In my first week of being at school, I have seen quite a few other girls with similar jackets. Like wearing them with tribal print maxi skirts and other things like that.. but honestly, I feel like its a super easy and casual look to pull off for the upcoming season.  {link}

3. headbands: I got my most favorite headband from World Market.. but there are great other places to find headbands! like Forever 21, local boutiques, Claire's.. other places like that. I think headbands are super easy to wear, great for spicing up fun hairstyles.. and just some of my favorite things! {links}

4. Fossil Sydney Zip clutch: Honestly.. Color aside, I am obsessed with the style of this clutch. It is the PERFECT size! You can literally fit so much stuff inside of this, and it's so great to hold all of your every day essentials in one place. I say color aside because it is sold out.. but there are other colors and styles to choose from that are just as perfect! {link}

5. J.Crew Leather Loafers: Next week is Spirit week at my school. Wednesday is Wilderness Wednesday. Which means camo, animal prints, patterns.. ect. I am obsessed with this leopard print especially when it comes down to these loafers. I have been swooning over these for the longest time.. but I don't know if I could pull them off. and even if I could... What would I wear them with? {link}

I hope y'all liked this Five on Friday.. And if you follow me on Instagram.. You know what I wore today! Oh and make sure you're following me on Twitter for updates on my life when I'm not on my blog.. Click here! And if you ever have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask! I would love to do an Ask Cathleen on my blog.. BUT I kinda have to have questions to answer before I can even do that.. So please just ask me some questions! They can be about anything.. Just ask away!

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