Aug 8, 2014

Five on Friday

Hey Y'all, 

We made it through another week.. TGIF. This week, I started priming my walls.. Remember my big idea for my room? Well, the paint has been purchased and I cannot tell you how excited I am to complete this project. Wednesday, after registration and schedule pick up, I started priming my walls. It was a mess. So messy that no pictures need to be shown until AFTER all priming has been done. I had the white stuff everywhere! All over the bottoms of my feet, arms, legs, knees, hair, face... Yeah.. By "It was a mess" I mean it was EXTREMELY messy. I worked on it just a little more Thursday afternoon.. And I'll probably work some on it today, but not too much because orientation is tomorrow, and I still have paint on my hands and legs from Wednesday!

Ok so back on the topic of Five on Fridays.. If you are new to Classy Cathleen, then you may or may not know what I mean by Five on Friday. Basically, each Friday, I pick 5 items that I have been obsessing over all week, and I put them in a collage-y type thing. I write a little blurb about each item, and provide the links so that y'all can purchase them too! Let's look at this week's Five:

Five on Friday

Item #1: Boden Sparkle Collar Breton- Lately I have been loving everything from. Stripes have been a huge obsession of mine lately. It's the perfect pattern for Fall! Boden took stripes to a whole nother level... They added a sparkly peter pan collar! How perfect is that? Usually I don't like peter pan collars.. But this one is perfect. {Find it}

Item #2: Letter Love Designs Personalized notebook- How cute? Ahh.. Letter Love Designs sells beautiful paper products that I am just in love with! Plus.. this notebook can be personalized! And I thought it couldn't get any better.. {Find it here}

Item #3: Design Darling Hustle notepad- Because I'm the type of person that gets motivated by looking at paper that says "hustle" on it.. Don't ask why, because honestly I have no explanation for you other than the fact that I just have a quirky personality haha. But seriously, paper can be very motivating.. Say you wrote a to-do list on this notepad.. but you didn't really feel like completing the tasks. Then you take another look and see that your paper is telling you to "HUSTLE" and get it done! I don't know about you.. But that's enough to drive me to start completing my to-do list! {Find it here}

Item #4: C'est La Vie tee- I love French tees. It is kind of strange though.. because I've been working very hard to learn Spanish. Taking classes, using Duolingo.. ect. But i don't know, I just love the look of French on a t-shirt! It's so simple and casual, but so chic at the same time. {Find it here}

Item #5: Tassel Bracelets- I have seen these EVERYWHERE! Now don't get me wrong.. I'm not complaining at all! They are 100% adorable! Ever since Caitlin of Southern Curls & Pearls published her DIY tassel bracelet tutorial.. I have seen them on so many different blogs! They are actually so simple to make.. I will have to make some for myself soon!

I hope y'all liked this week's Five on Friday! I enjoyed putting it together:)

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