Aug 5, 2014

Blouses I love

Lately I have been loving blouses.. I mean how could you not love them? Some of my favorite blouses are the patterned ones! I have seen everything from polka dots to dachshunds, stripes to swans.. It all makes me so excited for the Fall season! Let me know in a comment which blouse was your favorite:)

dachshund blouse
Here in South Carolina, it can be up to 80 degrees even on Halloween.. So shorts are actually okay if you live down here. Obviously the leaves still change, so the brown and black combo is appropriate for Fall. This blouse from is too adorable for words. The shorts look best paired with a simple brown belt (also love this one), with the blouse tucked in. The sandals are just simple and perfect.
dotted blouse
You can never go wrong with polka dots! Or with nude flats.. This is more of a summer-y look because of the bright blue color on the  It's still super cute though! I love the bracelets in the above look.. Sometimes bangles can be too big, or fit awkwardly on your wrist.. These are faux bangles, and can be adjusted to fit different wrists! How smart is that? I love it! Black, white, and peonies
Let's start this one out by me saying how obsessed I am with peonies... I'm super obsessed with peonies! They are beautiful! This is super cute and girly with all the black and white hearts on it. This skirt, believe it or not, is actually from Target!  The tote is just a classic leather tote.. That I have fallen in love with. The flats match the outfit perfectly. Black and white is just a perfect color combo. So classic.
Black and White Swans
Here are the swans I was talking about! I love this  so much.. It's so cute! This outfit is appropriate for work or any occasion where you need to look professional. All you would have to do is maybe trade these sandals out for a pair of black flats. For a more casual occasion, you could pair this blouse with a pair of white jeans.
Dachshund Blouse
And the dachshunds make a reappearance.. Because how could you not include this blouse again? I love it! On the website, they have this blouse in a couple other colors if this pink isn't your cup of tea. I have it paired here with a lacey skirt, but honestly this blouse would look just fine with a pair of jeans or a more casual skirt. I love these flats! I have seen a pair of Jack Rogers similar to these.. but this pair is just as great!

Which blouse is your favorite? Leave me a comment below:) 

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