Aug 11, 2014

Back to School: Locker Tips

Locker Tips

Actually, at my high school, we don't have lockers. I'm not really sure why.. It's not because the district can't afford them, it's just that they didn't want them! Anyways, at my middle school there were lockers, so this is all what I did to organize and tips and things that worked for me back then.. 

Guys, don't trash up your lockers! I cannot stress this enough.. Don't just throw things in there. Take the effort to stand them up, put the binder and text book for English class next to each other.. Throw those loose papers away or put them in a binder. Don't leave your jacket just on the bottom, hang it up.. You know, just little things like that make all the difference. 

A lot of people get those little locker shelf things. Personally, I'm not a fan. I like the look of a more open locker. I would stand my books up, English book and notebook together, algebra book and binder together, history book and notebook together... You get the point, right? You can use a shelf for this if you want to.. But then it makes your locker smaller, and you don't have as much room to hang a coat or a jacket. I'm not a fan, but it's completely up to you:)

Obviously your books and other school supplies... Basically it's an extension of your bookbag. Other than textbooks, binders, notebooks.. There are a few extra things that you should probably keep as "just in case" items, or extra little supplies you might need.

Being a girl, a change of clothes is always something good to keep in your locker. Whether you get busted for dress code, or you had a little period accident (it happens to the best of us) a change of clothes is something that most people wouldn't think about keeping in your locker. It's definitely something important to at least keep in mind when putting your locker together.

Another important thing for your locker would be those little magnetic pencil cups. I suggest only putting one in your locker, because the majority of your pencils should be in your bookbag. It's also good for keeping pads, tampons, and liners in if you ever need to take a quick bathroom break during the day.

I'm not the type of person to put photos and mirrors and stickers all over my locker. Especially not the wallpaper and chandeliers. The way I see it, your locker is an educational tool. You use it to store your things and to do your back a favor. Your back doesn't care if it has wallpaper or a chandelier or anything in it!

This depends on the layout of your school and your schedule. I used to go between every class... and then I realized that it's a whole lot easier to get your materials for the next two classes and visit your locker every other period. It's completely up to you:)

~Write it out over and over again.
~Practice the pattern of unlocking it on either an old lock or one you picked up at walmart.
~Write it on your I.D card or use a post-it note
~Write it in your agenda
~Have it on your hand for the first couple weeks of school.

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