Jul 14, 2014

Summer Dresses + Denim Jackets

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Lately I have been loving the look of those light and flowy dresses paired with denim jackets for cooler summer days. If it's not a windy Summer day.. and you live in a place like South Carolina, you can still wear your Summer dresses with denim jackets! Such a comfortable look, and a jacket can just dress down any outfit! Let's take a quick look at some different styles of dresses for different late Summer/early Fall!

Look #1: Embroidered
summer dresses and denim jackets

Orange is such a great color for Summer. It's bright and just puts a smile on your face! As y'all know... I'm a huge fan of embroidered detailing on clothing items (See the post here) that's probably why I fell in love with this dress.. It's just such a light and simple Summer dress. The simple spaghetti strap dresses look best with denim jackets. Here in South Carolina, it stays pretty warm even in the Fall so it's still appropriate to wear bright Summer dresses! I love how the wedges look with this dress. perfect for a short girl like me!

Look #2: Coral Shift

dresses and denim
This coral dress from C. Wonder is TO DIE FOR. It is the perfect color for Summer.. and the gold accessories look fabulous paired with the coral dress. But, If you put on a denim jacket.... This dress turns into a perfect Fall outfit! These shoes might not be as comfortable as a pair of Jack Rogers, but I think they are still cute. And I couldn't resist throwing in that tassel necklace!

Look #3: Patterned Dress

Patterned dress
Sometimes it's good to let the dress speak for itself. This dress has a more tribal-y type of pattern on it that  makes it a nice casual Summer dress. I think that if you pair it with a denim jacket, it's beautiful for Fall as well! This outfit looks best with minimal to no accessories because of how big the pattern is on the dress. Maybe some stud earrings and a watch or bangle and call it good!

Look #4: Walking around Charleston

Charleston today
Let's start off by talking about this dress.. One word: P E R F E C T. It's an eyelet dress, with a flounce and ruffles up top, and it's white! This dress can be worn without a denim jacket, and still be perfect.. But I think it looks nice this way too. I just think of Charleston when I see this dress. It looks fabulous paired with basic navy accessories.. like this KJP anchor bracelet and floppy hat. The Jack Rogers add that touch of casual to this fancy dress as does the jacket. I think this is 100% appropriate for Charleston because you do a lot of walking (hence the Jack Rogers and not wedges) and it can be windy during the day (hence the jacket to keep you warm) and also very sunny, and you don't want to get burned (the floppy hat).

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me which one was your favorite! Also, if you want to get updates to your inbox when a post is published on Classy Cathleen.. Enter your email in the bar at the top of the screen (For those of you viewing on desktop or mobile)! For those of you reading this in your bloglovin' app or another reader.. Enter your email in the box below:)

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