Jul 17, 2014

Summer Brights

If you have been following along with my blog for at least two weeks.. then you probably know that I LOVE bright colors. They make me happy... I think that bright colors are perfect for any season, but they are most appropriate in the Summer time. The outfits that you will find below are outfits that are for those days when you are feeling completely and utterly Happy. I hope you enjoy the following looks, and let me know in a comment which one you like the best!

1. Shorts:
Bright chinos
The way to brighten up any Summer day is a pair of fun and bright chinos! These coral chinos are so cute and bright. This color just really pops out of any outfit, and looks so Summer-y!
summer brights
These shorts are from the girls section at Old Navy, but sometimes their childrens' sizes can be kind of ish the same as the women. Like the Larges ad the Extra Larges are about a small/medium in womens. The print on these shorts is fabulous! I love how many different colors are in these shorts.

2. Rompers

romper + tortoise
I love orange. Orange is like the brightest of the brights.. Only next to neon colors. It looks fabulous paired with these gold snakeskin sandals. Also the tortoiseshell accessories matches the romper perfectly!
Summer brights
This lighter shade of orange is nice with the basic sandals. The casual and comfy navy cardigan is perfect if you get a little chilly. I love this color combo..
Rompers & Monograms
This outfit is perfect for the beach. The light blue romper from American Eagle is beautiful!I love the detailing up top.. I of course had to pair it with a monogrammed floppy hat

3. Bottoms & Dresses:

{Read below!}
I love eyelet skirts.. I love orange.. So, this skirt is FABULOUS! You can wear so many different colored tops with it.. White, Navy, green, purple ect. I don't know.. skirts are just some of my favorite things at the moment.

Peplum and Orange
And again we see some more orange. I love the look of these jeans with this lace peplum! The gold accents complement the colors perfectly..
summer dresses and denim jackets
This dress is orange.. I'm sorry it's an obsession! I love the embroidered details, and it being paired with the denim jacket really just completes the look, and makes it come off as more modest. 

Be sure to pin these images to Pinterest.. and leave a comment as to which outfit/style you liked best!
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  1. I am pinning all of these outfits because they are absolutely incredible! Great choices!

    xo, Michaela

  2. Michaela,
    You are too sweet! Thanks! I'm so glad you liked!!:)

  3. When I'm not at work I definitely gravitate towards shorts. You have some really great options!



  4. Thanks Alex! I feel like shorts are just perfect for just about all occasions..

  5. Thanks Ashliegh! That skirt is one of my favorites too.. The length (and color) makes it perfect for both work and brunch! :)

  6. Dresses and skirts are great for summer because I find they keep me a tad cooler than shorts. I love the rompers you posted, as well. I really need to get more!



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