Jul 27, 2014

Style by Salli

Hey Y'all, 
Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers: Salli from Style by Salli. Here is a little guest post that she wrote for y'all! Please check her out.. I know you'll love what you see! 

Hi! My name is Salli and I blog over at Style By Salli. I am a lover of anything pink, sparkly, and I’m obsessed with the elegant European style! This outfit is one of my personal favorites (you can see the original post on my blog). These shorts were such a cute pick-up from Jcrew earlier this year. I bought this top at Madewell during my trip to Miami and I’ve worn it so many times! It pairs so nicely with practically my entire wardrobe! If you’ve looked at my blog, you know that these shoes are my absolute addiction. I wear them practically in every post!

I hope you enjoy my pictures and my style! If you like this look, please check out my blog for more!

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