Jul 29, 2014

Room Design

Hey y'all,
Lately I have been wanting to re-do my room. By re-do, I mean paint, change out furniture, and just clean everything up... Pinterest has been a huge help in coming up with color combos and other ideas for my future room, and actually my idea is a spin off of an image I saw on Pinterest! I just love the light blue paired with a darker pink. It's really hard to put my dreams, wishes, and imaginations into words.... So this past week, i found a new use for Polyvore! I used Polyvore to put my thoughts in an image (actually three) to share with y'all. I hope you like it.. And y'all will have to follow along over on my instagram to see my slow but hopefully steady progress!

Just to let y'all know.. I don't have all the money in the world.. not even close! When it comes to expensive furniture, I'm the one that smiles and waves at the chair/shelf/table and walks away to find a cheaper one somewhere else. I love Target and antique stores for that reason! You can almost always find something there that you need or can use.. Please let me know if you know of any other places with good deals on furniture and decor and prints and things like that:)

light blue + pink + gold
This is the bed side of the room. I love the pink comforter (mine will most likely have some sort of monogram on it.. and the pillows too..) I also love the gold side table and other furniture in the room! The yellow/gold prints on the wall are great just to give the wall some more color! *When I made this I was debating if I was going to have the pink border on the bottom of the wall as well.. In the end I decided to include it because I feel like it gives the wall more of a framed look.. that is why you will see the pink on all four sides on the other images.*

light blue + pink + gold
This is the clothes/closet side of the room. I do have a walk in closet so I was trying to save that as another room since it's large and I don't want to have to design that yet. I love this dresser! It looks so vintage, and this chair from Chairish* is beautiful!! I love the turquoise color.. it matches the room perfectly! So does the gold coffee table and lamp and the Kate Spade candle. The clothing rack is out next to the dresser becasue I just love the look of having a rack outside of the closet. I think it would be perfect for outfit planning and things like that.

blue + pink + gold

This is my absolute favorite part of the room... The office area. I think it's important for every person to have one place in their house set aside for work, and office stuff.. and well, I am in love with this area that I came up with! I feel like this desk is literally perfection.. and some of y'all might not like the director's chair.. but I love it! Also, I of course had to put a mug on the desk because I enjoy drinking tea as I work. There is a small desk lamp and organizer on the desk for obvious reasons.. and the shelf was just the perfect place to put more peonies because I love peonies and they are beautiful and they will be all over my room. (I apologize for the extreme run-on sentence... but umm I'm obsessed) I love a good inspirational quote.. I have a whole Pinterest board of them! They really just motivate you to complete your day! The prints that are around the desk are nice, and definitely favorites of mine.. but I probably won't get those exact ones. Maybe some quotes and some lovely pictures would be nice to just put up around the walls!

*Chairish is a place for people to buy and sell gently used furniture. I love their accent chairs! I feel like an accent chair is a great way to make a bold move in a room that is very plain and simple. Honestly with the chair I included in my design, I thought the barrel style chair looked nice and fit the room well. The color and pattern also wasn't too much for the room. If you ever plan on redecorating your house or just a room.. I would definitely recommend browsing Chairish.

Please leave me a comment, and let me know what you think! This is going to be a long process, but I am 100% committed and I am so ready just to buy the paint, clear out my furniture, and start painting! Also.. Please let me know if you know any places for affordable furniture/decor/peonies (haha just kidding) or things like that! Or you can email me @ classycathleen@gmail.com
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  1. Love the look of this! I am also in the process of redoing my room. My aunt will be painting in august when I go on vacation!

  2. Thanks Kate:) What colors are you thinking of painting it? Can't wait to see pictures eventually!

  3. Home Goods has really great affordable furniture, home accessories and sheets. Love the ideas you came up with, I'm like you... using Pinterest to redesign my entire life haha!



  4. Love this! Good news! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog: http://simplydarlingxo.blogspot.com/2014/07/liebster-awardi-got-nominated-who-i.html

  5. Courtney Layne BrewerJuly 29, 2014 at 11:48 PM

    Where is the director's chair from? Love this whole room, doing a feature on mine soon!


    xoxo clb

  6. Thanks Alex! I will have to go to Home Goods.. And yes! I use Pinterest for my whole life.. I have WAY too many boards haha

  7. This exact chair was over $300.. So I did some digging, and I found some for under $100.. There are also some different covers to put over it, if you don't like the color! http://www.target.com/p/directors-chair/-/A-14499895

  8. I am painting it navy!


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