Jul 13, 2014

Oconee recap

Hey Y'all! 
I hope y'all had a good weekend.. Mine was pretty good. I got to go to (what I refer to now as my second home) Oconee State Park. I was going to post something every day about what happened... But I thought it would be easier on you (and me) if I just put it all together into one short and sweet post! 

Ok so Friday was my brother's birthday. My dad and I headed out to a little bakery in Walhalla, Palmetto Sweets & Co. Here's a peek inside: 

It's such a cute little bakery and cafe! So.. Here's the cake:

It's a three layer strawberry cake, and it was AMAZING. We also picked up some cookies for the rangers at Oconee. {the cookies that they sell are huge.. Like as big as your head huge}

Later that day, after we ate some cake.. My mom and I went on a walk around the lake. It's such a short and sweet and trail. Like a mile maybe? Anyways it's just a nice and calming walk around a small, but still beautiful lake. Here's some pictures for you: 

At 8 that night.. There was a square dance over at the barn. We went, just to go and I am always amazed at how fast their feet go! My feet are hiking feet.. Not really much for dancing..

On the 12th, we went around visiting some of the other state parks that are close by. Keowee Toxoway, Devil's Fork, and Table Rock were some of the ones we visited. For lunch, my dad made some super yummy chicken and Parmesean sandwiches. Oh and we sliced up a watermelon and it was really good too! (I forgot to mention that haha we are lunch before we went to the parks) At Table Rock State Park, we went to their bluegrass festival and got to listen to some music. The view from the porch of their lodge was amazing. It was so nice just to rock in the rocking chairs, listen to music, and just look out at the view. Here's some pictures: 

I wasn't thinking.. I was just listening to the music so I didn't get any pictures of the inside of the lodge (a CCC original) or the bluegrass festival. Oh well... 

Anyways we got back to the cabin around 7, and my dad cooked up some Mexican food. After that we made s'mores, and headed on to bed.  But only after going around the lake another time! 

We headed back home on the 13th. But before that my Mom and I walked around the lake a couple more times.. Packed up the food.. Packed up the clothes.. Brought the boat back.. Then we visited a few more parks! Oconee Station, Lake Hartwell, and Sadler's Creek. Then we drove on home where I published this post! 

I hope y'all had a great weekend! Let me know what you did if you made it all the way to the end of this post.. 


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