Jul 24, 2014

~Live Colorfully~

Hey Y'all,
I don't know if y'all know about Polyvore.. but I use it a lot. It's a great place to experiment with certain pieces before you purchase them, and just try out different styles! I really enjoy Polyvore.. {Here's my account}Anyways, I ran a small contest just to see what other people think the phrase "Living Colorfully" means. I wanted to show y'all the entries, and what they thought the phrase meant! I hope you enjoy all of the bright colors below:)

live ♤ colorfully
Here was the set that I chose as a winner. I chose the winner based on the set, use of bright colors, and how much effort they put into telling me what they thought it meant to "live colorfully". I really enjoyed the use of bright colors in the set above... But the part that I loved about this entry was what the user thought the phrase meant:

"To live colorfully is to carry yourself with vibrancy and warmth, and to share it in your own unique way. Speak in shades of silver and ink, paint blues with a brush or a song. The pages of your life remain black and white only if you let them. Fill them in with whatever colors you choose, and maybe every once in a while, let someone else color outside the lines."

{Set made by @bunnieteacup on Polyvore}

Pink Summer Romper
I love the bright and pretty pinks in the above set. The happy floral prints are just lovely and beautiful!

"Living colorful means that you aren't afraid to show who you truly are and to be yourself!"

{Set made by @sun-prep  on Polyvore}

Live Colorfully
These shorts are super colorful and bright.. and the pom poms are cute too. I love how the Jack Rogers are also a bright color, and they match the trim of the pom pom shorts. The accessories are also a bright blue color, which just adds to an overall bright and blue set!

"Living Colorfully means making someone else's day better."

{Set made by @duttoncg on Polyvore}

Untitled #521
This is more of a classic golfer prep style.. if that makes any sense. haha. The needlepoint belt, pink chinos, and also the white short sleeved polo tee. The Jack Rogers match this outfit perfectly!

"To me, living colorfully means doing what makes you happy. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it. Participating in stuff that makes you happy is what make your life colorful. :)"

{Set made by @ashleyxoxo-118 on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully!
How cute are these little booties? I love the look of them paired up with bright colors like this pink, and blue. I love all of the Kate Spade pieces in this set.. Especially the Live Colorfully perfume!

"Living colorfully means not being afraid to live life boldly. Kate Spade's brand inspires me to make decisions and be a powerful but fashionably chic young woman :)"

{Set made by @jamietk on Polyvore}

"Live Colorfully" contest for @classycathleen
These shorts are super bright and colorful. I love the pom poms, floral pattern, and just the style of shorts is really cute! The hot pink reva flats are absolutely beautiful.. The lacey top is also super cute! I love how the yellow and hot pink are 100% beautiful together.. Such a colorful outfit..

"I think that the saying "Live Colorfully" means that you should live your life being happy and joyful just like the feeling you get when you see bright,happy,or fun colors!"

{Set made by @agirlyprepster on Polyvore}
The 7 Essential Pieces For A Preppy Mom
First off, I love this outfit.. but I love how it's broken down, and like the layout of it all too. The top, the pearls, the monograms.. It's just great! And the Starbucks.. That's pretty great too haha!

"Living colorfully is wearing items that make you feel good in them, no matter what style dictates."

{Set made by @dauchka22 on Polyvore}
live colorfully ~ Kate Spade
These colors are bright and not tacky.. which is pretty perfect! I love this! Especially those bow shorts. Well those Jelly Georgicas are pretty great.. I love the bright necklace too!

"To me, living colorfully means to live joyfully and vibrant so you can splash a little color into someone's life ❤️"

{Set made by @christadutton on Polyvore}

Living Colorfully Contest
I think this is the only "rainy day fashion" set that I got as an entry.. Oh well.. Since SC has been pretty rainy lately, I love this set! Such a bright and colorful tribal-y top.. I love the monogram rain jackets, and the Hunter boots are beautiful!

"Living Colorfully means to have the time of your life (YOLO) while dressing the part! Dress bold with bright cheerful colors that express your personality and how you feel. I feel that colors also affect the people around you and when you wear a bright and cheerful color it might just make them cheerful too!:)"

{Set made by @elang32 on Polyvore}

Living Colorfully
Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I love this pocket blouse... And it looks fabulous with the green scarf! I love the wedges, and the green bag too!

"I think that living colorfully means being a vivacious and happy person. Being a person where your light, or your 'colors', rub off on other people and put a smile on their face:-)"

{Set made by @lo-wren on Polyvore}
It takes two to tango
I love this navy and bubblegum color together! It's beautiful! And all of those Kate Spade accessories are just fabulous!! I love, love, LOVE this!!

"I think to "live colorfully" means to live life with no regrets and do something with your life that will make a difference in the world. So to sum it up to "live colorfully" means you achieve goals and change the world from my perspective!"

{Set made by @sey-preppy on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully Contest!
Let's talk about these mint chinos.. mm.. I love! This yellow Longchamp is beautiful! I love how neon-y it is! And that bubblegum pink goes great with this outfit.. So many bright colors, I am in love!

"To live colorfully, in my opinion, is to express your happiness & personality through colorful vibes (:"

{Set made by @madimcclatchey on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully Contest
These light blue stripes are beautiful.. Usually you just see navy or black stripes, but I love these light blue stripes! They look fabulous with these yellow shorts.. And those sandals are classic! That watch too.. Ahh.. In LOVE! 

"Living colorfully means to be happy and to not care what other people think about you."

{Set made by @candydandymandy on Polyvore}
Untitled #270
I am head over heels for anything stripes right now.. I have no idea why.. I just am! I love this statement necklace that was paired with the basic tee, and the "eat cake for breakfast" clutch thing is too cute! I love how those Tory Burch flats stand out.. I wouldn't have thought about pairing green with this outfit, but it worked out perfectly!

"It means to be bold and unique. It's you, not caring about what anyone may think; it's the fact that you love the way you dress and being completely blissful!"

{Set made by @thelovelyprep on Polyvore}
Be colorful!
I have had my eye on this tank top for AGES! It is beautiful.. These flats are too cute.. So colorful, and the bow just brings it all together. White jeans are perfect to wear when you have colorful accessories and shoes. And the bangles in this set are literally perfect!! I love this

"Living colorfully means enjoying every moment of the day; never taking a single second for granted! You can express your joy for life and your creative side through colorful outfits and accessories. As they say, life is too short to wear boring clothes... So live COLORFULLY!"

{Set made by @curly-girl16 on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully Contest
AHH.. this dress looks like it was dipped in beautiful pink! I love it! So much Kate Spade in this set.. I love the phone case, the tumbler, the bag, the bangles.. but these watermelon flats are TO DIE FOR! Too cute! I also love the Lilly Pulitzer First Impressions scarf that is in this outfit. 

"Living Colorfully is being carefree and happy. Always face the day with a smile!!!"

{Set made by @lmacouture on Polyvore
Living Colorfully Contest!//OOTD
Look at these fabulous coral and gold Jack Rogers.. I love them! Usually I don't like denim shorts.. but I love how these look! They look great with the light blue and orange necklace! Beautiful.. Such a great outfit for running errands or any other casual occasion. 

"Living colorfully means being bold with whatever colors you feel!"

{Set made by @km213 on Polyvore}

La Mer de Colours
I love how the creator of this set titled it: La Mer de Colours (meaning: the sea of colors). How creative is that? This set is without a doubt one of my favorites... From the bow wedges to the scarf.. I am in love!

"Live colorfully to me means being able to be who I want to be. Being confident enough in your own skin. I think it means living with eyes open. Seeing things through a different perspective than you did before."

{Set made by @raining-crystals on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully
Look at those shoes! So spring-y and colorful! I love the solid black maxi with all these bright colors.. I feel like it makes the outfit more wearable and more casual. The crop top is also super adorable, and I am in love with that watch!

"Living colorfully is never being afraid of acting like your true self!"

{Set made by @melanie-u on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully Contest Submission :)
I love these wedges! They are so cute.. These shorts are so floral (and i think they are pretty popular.. I've seen them in quite a few sets) I love these bright yellow Kendra Scott earrings.. They remind of a highlighter! Too cute..

"Living colorfully means to being able to show who you are while feeling confident at the same time. It's a way of choosing to express yourself and not having to worry about everyone else :)"

{Set made by @violin1234 on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully Contest (Read Discription Below)
I love these light blue stripes paired with these bright pink chinos.. The statement necklace is beautiful! I love this! It's such a Spring-y outfit.. Too cute..

"To live colorful to me means, to express your style as who you are, you don't worry what people will say, you're going to wear it regardless. I also think it means to be colorful, wear bright colors and just show off your style!"

{Set made by @emilygheen on Polyvore}
Live colorfully contest!
These shorts are super colorful.. I love the blue pom poms and the coral color. This Kate Spade necklace is moving closer and closer to the top of my wish list. I am obsessed!

"Living colorfully is not caring what others think, being bold, and being yourself!!"

{Set made by @prepster-b on Polyvore}
Live Colorfully
The print on these shorts is super cute.. I love the navy in it, and the coral is really great too! Those bow sandals are to. die. for. In love! VERY colorful!

"I think to live colorfully is to chase your dreams and to never look back. What do you think?"

{Set made by @prepontherun on Polyvore}

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! I enjoyed putting it together:) Remember, Live Colorfully! Thanks to all of the girls on Polyvore for helping me with this post!! 

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