Jul 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday
Hey Y'all,
It's Friday! It's been an interesting week.. I guess the major things that happened here on Classy Cathleen would be that my Back To School series started up.. See the posts here and here. Also, I partnered with Boston Belle for a fabulous giveaway hereOk.. Enough of that.. If you are new to Classy Cathleen then you might not know about my Five on Friday posts.. Basically, each Friday, I pick Five items that I have been LOVING throughout the week. I write a little blurb, and share the link to the product so that y'all can purchase them, or at least take a closer look... Here's last Friday's post.

Item #1: Monki t-shirt- I love this! Sometimes you just need a t-shirt that speaks for itself. This t-shirt is literally perfect! It's oversized (which makes it perfect for lazy days) and just the words are fabulous! "I just felt like wearing something simple but nice. So I picked this t-shirt this morning and it feels great" I first was introduced to this shirt by Karen of Fearlessly Authentic. {link}

Item #2: Tory Burch Ikat Diamond Oblong Scarf- Let's talk about color.. This light blue is beautiful! I love the ikat pattern. I like how it is similar to chevron, but not quite chevron. I don't know honestly.. I just like it. The trim (I think that's what it's called haha) of the scarf is really neat. The crochet and tassel detailing is like my favorite part of this scarf. {link}

Item #3: Scotch & Soda patterned loafers- sadly they are sold out of the blue pattern shown above.. but they have a super cute yellow pattern and a coral and black striped pair. Plus they are marked down from $89 to $45! It doesn't get much better than that... {link}

Item #4: H&M Sandals- I really love these sandals. They are the absolute perfect, most classic pair of brown leather sandals that I have EVER seen! I am in love.. Sadly, H&M is sold out.. But these from Sole Society are similar. They are both classic brown leather sandals that are to. die. for. {link}

Item #5: Kate Spade Set the Stage agenda- Ok.. Y'all are probably thinking "Um Cathleen.. You skipped an item". Yeah.. I know I did. BUT.. I HAD TO SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! And Y'all probably have gotten sick of seeing Kate Spade agendas on my blog.. herehere ,hereand here. So.. anyways.. I bought it! I went back and forth between the Bella bookshelf and the Gold dots. and... I went with Bella Bookshelf! I just really fell in love with this agenda, and it's really a two in one because there are gold dots on the inside of the agenda! I'm SOO EXCITED, and I cannot wait for when I can open up my inbox and see something from Kate Spade! {link}

Salli from Style by Salli- I love Salli's style.. Let's just start off with that! Her style has really evolved and changed a whole lot recently.. Her style used to be all preppy, but it has really expanded lately. It's more street style ish and just casual, and I LOVE IT! All of her outfits are just fabulous! Be sure to stop by the blog on Sunday for an outfit from Salli, and a little bit more about her..
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