Jul 18, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday
Congratulations! We made it to another Friday! I swear these weeks have been going by faster and faster the closer we get to the Back to School season... Which it is sad that it is already July 18th, but I mean I have had an amazing Summer so far, and I am semi looking forward too this upcoming school year. Ok.. Enough rambling! Time for this week's Five on Friday. If you are new to Classy Cathleen.. then you probably don't know what in the heck a Five on Friday post even is! Basically throughout the week, I choose five items that I have been obsessed with, and I write a little blurb about each item, and I provide links. Recently I added another part to my Five on Fridays. Now, I feature a blogger at the end of the post! (please don't take offense if I am following your blog, but I have not featured you.. It's a really long list of blogs that I read!)

Item #1: Romana Cradle Sandals- I like how the leather straps of this sandal don't stop around the flat part of your foot. I like how they wrap over the ankle as well so that the shoe looks more complete? If that makes any sense to you.. {link}

Item #2: J.Crew Camden Sandals-If you are looking for a simple, classic pair of leather sandals.. then these are the shoes for you! These are like my absolute favorite shoes in this whole post.. Such a casual pair of shoes! They look super comfy too.. {link}

Item #3: Lilly Pulitzer Mckim sandals- I love Lilly Pulitzer. I love the simplicity of these sandals. They are very basic which is good because that means they will match more things! On the Lilly Pulitzer website.. I saw these sandals in both navy and white

Item #4: J.Crew Milano Leather Gladiator- There is just something about these sandals that I really like.. They're cute and look really easy to walk in. That's really important to look for when purchasing sandals! You don't want an ugly, uncomfortable pair!! Sadly these sandals were so popular.. that they are sold out. I also love these, and these

Item #5: Joie Moorea Sandals- I like the different more nude/beige color of these sandals. Usually you see the dark leather.. (which I will never get tired of) but I like the color of these as well! I like how these are more of a classic pair of gladiator sandals than other sandals. {link}

Emily from Emily and Dot
Emily is such a sweet person! I love her style and just the way she writes.. Her blog design is too cute! I love the blue and the black and white dots together. Earlier this week, she wrote a VERY helpful posts for any and all bloggers. Have you ever wondered how to make your own "pin it" button? I have.. and Emily's post helped me (finally) create the image correctly, and code it right! Check the post out here. MAKE SURE that you are following this super sweet girly! Click here to follow Emily with Bloglovin'.

I think I have mentioned before on my blog that my brother has Autism. I know first hand what it's like to be a member in a family with a sibling affected. But there are so many other diagnoses and things like that that affect other people. My Mom recently came across a boy named Wyatt on facebook. Wyatt has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and he wasn't supposed to live past 6 months. Wyatt is now two years old. He is an adorable little baby (see pictures on facebook page) and the foundation was founded to bring awareness to children with SMA. Please like Wyatt's Wish on Facebook here. They are selling t-shirts as a fundraiser to purchase bubble masks for SMA babies (read more on Facebook). Here is the link to purchase a t-shirt; white or blue
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  1. The Preppy SistersJuly 19, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    Love those sandals!


  2. I always struggle to find cute sandals that also don't have a hard surface where they won't bend with my feet. I will definitely be looking more into the ones you featured! Hope you're having a great weekend so far Cathleen.



  3. Ahh you're so sweet! Thanks for mentioning me! Love it!

    Emily | Emily and Dot

  4. Great post, I love soft leather sandals!


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