Jul 4, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday
Hey Y'all, 
Happy Fourth of July! Make some yummy snacks, think about your independence, eat some homemade hamburgers, drink some lemonade, and shoot off some fireworks! This is the Independence Day: Five on Friday.. I hope you enjoy:) 

If you are new to Classy Cathleen, then you might not understand or know what a Five on Friday post is.. Allow me to explain:) Basically throughout the week.. I pick 5 items that I have been loving lately, and I write a little blurb and I share them with y'all! Oh and at the end.. I mention a blogger that I have been loving lately as well! Ok, let's get on into this 'Merica Five on Friday!

Item #1: Patriotic Seersucker Shorties from Lauren James- I love the Country Club Prep website. So many great preppy brands! Like Lauren James... Are y'all familiar with the Lauren James seersucker shorties? I love them! Lately seersucker has been my favorite thing. I love the stars and stripes for Independence day on these shorts! Too cute! {link}

Item #2: American Toms- I used to love Toms! I still do.. I love the style, they are very comfy! And the foundation itself! I love the "one for one" idea.. I kind of grew out of Toms for a while.. but you know, I really like this pair! {link}

Item #3: C. Wonder Americana multi-chord necklace- How cute is this! I love all of C. Wonder's jewelry.. This necklace is so patriotic and perfect! I love that it's a big statement necklace, and that the statement that it's setting is a patriotic statement! {link}

Item #4: Kate Spade bow infinity scarf- I don't know if this scarf was meant to be patriotic, or if it was just supposed to be cute and red, white, and blue. Anyways.. It's got bows and 'Merica! Does it get any better? I mean seriously.. {link}

Item #5: Smathers and Branson american flag key fob- I love needlepoint items, and 'Merica so I mean.. This key fob is pretty perfect! I love this so much! Smathers and Branson certainly is going to be added to my list of favorites. {link}

Melissa from Stay Fabulous
I have been reading Melissa's blog for awhile now. I love all of her posts. She is such a patriotic and southern girl and it really shows in her posts! I just really love the voice that she has when she writes you know what I mean? She is a fellow South Carolinian so I mean.. I guess that's why I love her haha!

I hope y'all liked this week's Five on Friday post:) I enjoyed putting it together for ya!

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  1. That infinity scarf is so cute. I'll definitely be wearing my RWB today!



  2. those lauren james shorts are on my wishlist!

    Makeshift Munch

  3. The Preppy SistersJuly 7, 2014 at 3:29 PM

    I love those lauren james shorts!



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