Jul 10, 2014

Feeding the fish

Hey Y'all,
And just when you thought I couldn't get any more random... Today I'm talking about feeding fish! I have a pond at my house, and I really enjoy going outside and feeding the fish. I think we have bass in our pond? I'm honestly not sure.. There are some really tiny baby fish, really big fish, and even tons of tadpoles and frogs. 

I just love sitting outside, and listening to the frogs.. Squirrels.. Birds.. It always leaves me feeling relaxed. When I go and sit on the banks of the pond, I love seeing and being a part of nature. 

When I say that I am heading out to the pond, I really mean I need some quiet time. I need time to pray, whistle little songs to myself, and just go through all of my thoughts. Where do you go when you need to take some time for yourself? 

So.. This morning I felt bad about the fish just staring at me like they hadn't eaten in weeks. I felt like I NEEDED TO FEED THEM. So, I grabbed some bread.. And fed them! 

{The picture that you see at the top of the post was taken by my sister this morning. I thought it would be neat to show you my special thinking place.. So here we go:)} 

I don't usually take a camera when I go outside to my thinking spot so.. Sorry there's not a lot of pictures. I will have to take more later! 

Wow.. I'm weird.. I just wrote a blog post about my pond, and me feeding the fish.. 

Where do you go when you need some quiet time? 


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