Jul 5, 2014

Birthday Reflections from Polyvore

Hey Y'all, 
So.. On like Monday June 30th, I started a small Polyvore contest. If you don't know what Polyvore is.. It's basically a fashion lover's best friend. It gives you a place to plan out your outfits, show your style, and be inspired. I LOVE POLYVORE! Ok so anyways, the contest was to make a classy/preppy outfit for my birthday. I loved seeing what these fabulous ladies came up with. They all have AMAZING style, and I truly admire all of them... Here's where you get to see everyone who entered and all of their sets! Let me know which one y'all like the best, and if you have a polyvore go follow these girlies!

I LOVE this set! I love how Loren included that special gift for me in this set.. I mean.. Come on.. this earrings are to. die. for! 

Coral & Navy

I love the navy Jack Rogers with these bright pants. They are just perfect together.. And this J.Crew top? IN LOVE. 
Red, White & Blue

Red, White & Blue by steffiestaffie featuring white jeans
I love how cute this is for the 4th! You can never go wrong with a rose necklace and some bow sandals!
Happy Birthday Cathleen

Happy Birthday Cathleen by steffiestaffie featuring a peony flower bouquet
Let's talk about these flowers. BEAUTIFUL. These bow sandals.. BEAUTIFUL. This seersucker dress... Oh. My. Good Gracious! I'm in love!! 
"Happy Birthday, Cathleen!"

"Happy Birthday, Cathleen!" by jaycee0220 featuring pointed flats
These flats are so cute! I love this dress paired with the blazer too.. And the sparkly bow belt! LOVE!!

Cathleen by northern-prep featuring J.Crew
These striped shorts look so comfy and perfect! And this tank is so casual and breezy.. And umm.. These Jack Rogers? TO. DIE. FOR!
Happy Birthday Cathleen!

Happy Birthday Cathleen! by heyitsak featuring freshwater pearl earrings
All of these different patterns on these shorts are so cute! I love the necklace and open pearl bangle as well!
Happy Birthday Cathleen!

Happy Birthday Cathleen! by preppyprincess-13 featuring Lilly Pulitzer
I would have never thought of pairing a Lilly scarf with monogrammed running shorts! This girl is a genius for pairing these two together! Too cute!
happy birthday cathleen!

happy birthday cathleen! by izzycirillo featuring Lilly Pulitzer
The color of these chinos is fabulous. I am a huge fan of lavender! This scalloped tank is adorable too!
Happy Birthday Cathleen!

Happy Birthday Cathleen! by preppiehipstervibes featuring Eos
Lilly Pulitzer does it again! The perfect birthday outfit! Pair it with silver and monograms and uh yep.. I'm in LOVE! 
Happy Birthday Cathleen

Happy Birthday Cathleen by sunhatsandglitterjacks featuring Kate Spade
How classy is this? You have the tweed looking skirt.. Very proper.. Bow Kate Spade flats.. and an oxford and a statement necklace! Class. 
HAPPY ((early)) BIRTHDAY!!¡¡

HAPPY ((early)) BIRTHDAY!!¡¡ by prepsterforlife featuring aviator style sunglasses
This set is my style. I love these wedges, this watch, this necklace, and most of all this dress! I love stripes and black and white.. So yeah.. I would definitely wear this. 
//Happy Birthday Cathleen//

//Happy Birthday Cathleen// by ikhill featuring cartier jewelry
Here's that seersucker dress again.. The bow, and Tory Burch wedges are fabulous! And all of the jewelry! So classy..
Happy Birthday Cathleen {#2}

Happy Birthday Cathleen {#2} by violin1234 featuring leather satchel handbags
OH MY GOSH! How cute is this romper? So fun and summer-y! I love the Jack Rogers paired with this romper and this leather satchel bag. These conch shell earrings are just darling!

Monogrammed! by raining-crystals featuring post earrings
Monogrammed chino shorts. Let's just take a minute.... And.... Ok. I'm done gawking at these shorts! Just fabulous! I love the blue Jack Rogers paired with these shorts too! Oh, and the oxford!

Puuurrrfect by raining-crystals featuring gold stud earring sets
I love these red chinos with J.Crew animal print sandals! Too cute.. Wow.. Just wow!
Pearls and curls

Pearls and curls by annaleigho featuring lip care
I love this eyelet dress.. The color is beautiful and the flowers on the dress are to die for too! Oh and these wedges.. beautiful! And for a short girl like me... These are pretty perfect!
Embroidered shorts

Embroidered shorts by km213 featuring Essie
This girly knows me so well! She knows just how much I love embroidered items, and these J.Crew shorts are just so fabulous! I would so wear this.. 
Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl! by egeorgeanne featuring stud earrings
Good Gracious.. This dress.. The color, the beaded details, the heels... Oh my gracious! I would wear this for a special dinner or something on my birthday! So girly, so feminine, so perfect!

HAPPY B-DAY by whitegirlsets featuring metallic shoes
This lace-y dress is just so airy and fabulous! I love it paired with the tortoise shell watch and the cork Jack Rogers. Too cute!

HBD CATHLEEN by whitegirlsets featuring bracelet watches
These Jack Rogers sandals are fabulous! I love the anchored Lilly shorts too!
Happy Birthday Cathleen

Happy Birthday Cathleen by whitegirlsets featuring Tory Burch
I love the above outfit.. See in South Carolina, It stays pretty warm even through Winter. That's why this outfit is so perfect for SC! You can wear a heavy dark colored dress, with some adorable Tory Burch sandals, and BAM! Perfect for fall or winter down here.. 
Preppy Nautical

Preppy Nautical by melanie-u featuring side zip shorts
Oxfords paired with chinos has to be one of my favorite styles for Summer time. Especially these printed chinos.. Too fabulous! The gold buttons are so nautical! I LOVE this...
Modern, Preppy Cinderella

Modern, Preppy Cinderella by melanie-u featuring a bead necklace
Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney princesses. I love the color of this bow top! It's so darling and girly...
Happy Birthday Cathleen!!!

Happy Birthday Cathleen!!! by kaley-ii featuring J.Crew
I'm loving the red and blue! Patriotic and classy!!! Plus the anchor necklace.. Perfect!
Happy Birthday Cathleen!

Happy Birthday Cathleen! by violin1234 featuring leather bags
You can never go wrong with a Lilly dress and nude pumps! I love this Lilly dress from the Spring collection I think? I'm not positive.. But it's so perfect, and fabulous!
Little Miss Nautical

Little Miss Nautical by prepontheloose featuring stud earrings
Navy & White are my two favorite colors. Especially the shift dress style.. And let's don't forget about the Tory Burch Miller sandals. The simple accessories are just darling. 
Perfectly Polished from Tip to Toe

Perfectly Polished from Tip to Toe by raining-crystals featuring ballet flats
I love the navy bow skirt! And here we see the classic oxford yet again! I'm certainly not complaining.. I love finding new ways to style these classic blouses. The Tory Burch flats are so darling to pair with this classy set. 
Happy Birthday Cathleen Contest Entry

Happy Birthday Cathleen Contest Entry by km213 featuring tory burch jewelry
Oh my gracious! I would never, ever, EVER think of wearing pale pink chinos with a navy and white striped tee, and lets talk about that Let's Cha Cha scarf! I would have never thought of this! Genius!!!
{Snake Bracelet}

{Snake Bracelet} by raining-crystals featuring a stone necklace
So preppy and summer-y! That's all I have to say about this look.. SO perfect for the Summer time
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday by prepontherun featuring cotton shorts
Here's another way to style these fabulous nautical chinos! I love the navy and white Jack Rogers, and the monogram necklace! So darling..
Paisley Jacks

Paisley Jacks by morgan-hill featuring jumpsuits & rompers
Good gracious! This blue color is so very perfect! And ummm rompers are just perfect.. Ya know? How could you not love them! And the ruffles up top are darling! I have seen these fabulous Jack Rogers before, but I had no idea how to style them.. NOW, I want them! So cute! 
Timelessly Classy!

Timelessly Classy! by preppyyoxford featuring long skirts
I love how classic this look is. This J.Crew skirt is darling. These sperrys are classic. Such a classic pair of shoes that can match everything! This is such a timeless and classic look. I am in love.

Here are the links to all of the fabulous Polyvore users that participated to make this post possible:

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  1. Oh my gosh, all of these looks are so adorable! I really love the first one and the Cinderella inspired look! That bow top is to die for!!

  2. There are so many great looks, I could never decide which one I like best! These would all be great birthday outfits.

  3. Ashliegh,
    I love the Cinderella inspired look too! oh and by the way.. I got your letter in the mail yesterday! I will send a reply soon:)

  4. Alex,
    Thanks for leaving a comment:) I agree these are all fabulous birthday outfits.

  5. Love love love her! She's such a great icon to turn to when looking for new style inspiration!!

    Emily | www.emilyanddot.blogspot.com

  6. I agree! Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. OP is so perfect, definitely a huge style muse in my life. Love the looks you picked.


  8. I had never paid any mind to OP until I saw her wedding outfit...and then I went a little stalker-ish on her (well, her outfits really). I love seeing a celebrity who combines trendy with preppy and never falls short of sheer elegance.


  9. I'm the same exact way haha! I agree.. it's always neat to see someone who can combine so many styles to create her own!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  10. Thanks Alex for stopping by:)

  11. Oh man all of these outfits are so classic. I love how all the pieces could easily be mixed and matched.




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