Jul 23, 2014

Back to School: Studying

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Hey Y'all,
I think that studying is one of the best things that you can do for your brain. Once you hear information, it kind of just sits in your brain. You need to grow and further develop that information! That's where studying comes into play...

Most people take studying to mean staring at a piece of paper, or a textbook, or a website, or anything! Staring and absorbing information that way helps only a handful of people. Everyone else has to find their own ways to study productively. 

Has anyone ever told you that you were an auditory learner? How about a visual learner? Or maybe a kinesthetic learner? Possibly you are a combination of all three? 

Auditory just means that hearing things is the way you learn. You have to hear things read out loud to you, or you could read them yourself. It's good to know if you're auditory so that you have plenty of time to read your material to yourself, and get others to read it as well. 

If you are a visual learner, you like to see things in order to learn. You need tools like power points, dry erase boards, and other things so that you can see all of your material. Diagrams, graphs, and charts tend to help too. 

Kinesthetic is a long word that just means you learn by doing. You enjoy hands on activities, and actually going out and doing the work. You like to see it in person, not in a picture, or hear about it from someone else. 

If you are a combination of two of the three ways to learn, there's nothing wrong with you! I, myself am visual and auditory.. It just means your brain might like a little bit of both! 

It's good to know how your brain is so that you can study productively. If you are auditory and you are studying with a kinesthetic person.. You won't be taking away as much as the other person is. 

Here are some study tips for all kinda of learners:

- Record yourself reading the notes, play it back and listen to it. 
- Have a friend ask you questions about the notes or material that you are studying
- Watch YouTube videos on the subject that you are studying

- Read the notes 
- Highlight key words 
-Write notes off to the side as you read
-Look at diagrams or pictures from Google

-Get a dry erase board and write out everything, draw pictures, whatever you need to look over
-Go outside and say the material that you need to know over and over to yourself, while walking around
-Make up a hand sign or some sort of physical symbol for each term or bit of material that you need to study

I hope that y'all enjoyed this post, and that it was beneficial to you. I think it sticks out a little bit in this "Back to School" series.. but I think that this information is important to know in the beginning of the school year, so you have a full year of success.

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