Jul 30, 2014

Back to School: Lunch

Hey Y'all,
Here's another part to my School Series.. I wanted to talk all about Lunch! From what I've heard.. Lunch seems to be most people's favorite part of their middle school or high school days. I love lunch time.. I get to talk, be with my friends.. But most importantly EAT. Food is amazing. I love food. Period. End of Story. 

Bringing your lunch: 
I have always packed my own lunch since the Second Grade. In my opinion, it's healthier.. by a lot. Even though most of the school districts have been working hard on their nutrition stuff, there's no way of knowing 100% of what is in your food.. Unless you make it yourself! Over the years, I have tried out a variety of lunch bags and totes and different water bottles.. Here are my personal favorites:

1. Scout Lunch Bag in Croquettish: I love pink and orange together! Too cute! The style of this lunch bag is easy to carry around, small-ish, and will hold a water bottle. I have not owned a lunch bag from Scout.. But this is definitely one that I would purchase. Find the lunch bag here

2. Vera Bradley Lunch Sack in Fanfare: This is a very simple style of lunch bag. It's a regular old lunch bag with a little flap and buckle to close up your food! Although I like simplicity, I don't think I will find myself ever purchasing this style of lunch bag.. but if you like it.. GO for it! Find the lunch bag here

3. Lilly Pulitzer Lunch tote in Dirty Shirley: I love this print! Dirty Shirley is such a cute and colorful print.. The style of the lunch bag is large enough to hold all your food and even a drink.. Plus I mean it's Lilly Pulitzer.. Find the lunch bag here

4. Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch in Blue Bayou: Again.. This print is amazing! The Lunch Bunch style is my favorite lunch bag I have ever gotten EVER! I love, love, LOVE this.. I have had 3 lunch bags of this style, and I love all of them. They can only hold a regular sized water bottle, and not a big tumbler.. but they are perfect for putting through the washer! They are super durable too.. Find the lunch bag here 

5. Lilly Pulitzer Lunch Bag in Yum Yum: This bag was too cute not to include in this post! I love the print.. The little caterpillars are adorable. I am not a huge fan of the style of bag.. But I mean if you like it.. GO for it! Find the lunch bag here  

So now that you have your lunch bag.. Now you need food! Healthy is the way to go. Always. Your body will thank you, trust me! Here are some ideas:

-Cook some chicken at the beginning of that week. Each day, chop up a little and use it in your lunch
-In a sandwich box, cut up some cheese and put some chicken in there as well 
-Turkey sandwich with some mustard and oregano 
-Make some pizza the night before.. and put some in your lunch!
-Pasta! Cook up some yummy rotini or penne 
-Pasta Salad
-Fix up a salad, and bring the dressing in a separate container. make sure everything is sealed up tight!
-Try to stay away from chips.. If you really like them.. bring no more than what the serving size says
-Goldfish are so yummy.... If you like them a lot.. stick to the serving size (and make sure it's the only unhealthy food you are bringing)
-When in doubt, pack fruit! Plums, Pineapple, Watermelon, Cantelope, Apple, Cranberry, Grapes, Strawberries.. What ever you like! 
-Yogurt is always a good choice!
-I love pretzels to snack on during the day
-Try chopped up bell peppers and salsa instead of salty chips and salsa. 

Here's what one of my lunches looks like:
-turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich
-about 20-28 pretzels
-a yummy green apple/plum/peach/strawberries
-a cheese stick
-a bottle of water

Now that you have food and a lunch bag... You need something to drink out of!

I'm not going to go into a whole lot of details with these bottles.. Find something that you can use with all kinds of drinks that you like. Like tea, coffee, ice water, lemonade... Whatever! 

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I hope I gave you some good tips to go into this 2014-2015 School year with:) 

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