Jul 26, 2014

Back to School: Backpacks

Hey Y'all, 
It's time for another part in my Back to School blog series! Today I am going to show y'all some of my favorite backpacks. Most people where I live use backpacks and book bags instead of tote bags. Personally, I don't think that I could use a bag like a Longchamp for school.. I like to use the entire bag to organize my stuff. Plus, if there is a night when you have more homework, you won't have to carry anything in your arms. It's also just a comfort thing... You don't want to always have an achy shoulder! 

I own two North Face Jester backpacks. One is blue and the other is black.  These backpacks are probably the best quality bags that I have ever had for school. I used both of them, one for a days and one for b days. These backpacks were originally made for the outdoors. Which is why in the Summer, I use them when I go hiking. Because they are made for the outdoors, they are tough and durable and hold a lot of items. I 100% recommend North Face when it comes to backpacks.. In this post I will discuss and provide links for other good options. I hope you enjoy!
#1: Vera Bradley Campus backpack- This backpack is a more classic backpack if that's even possible..It is a quilted sort of material and looks very mature. There are many pockets to store all of your stuff for school. That's good when it comes to college and high school when you have to take more items to and from school each day. Find the bag here.

#2: North Face Recon backpack- The Jester backpack is one of my all time favorites, but the recon is a close second. I like how this backpack has a mesh front pocket, and the large pockets are perfect for holding all of your supplies. Find the backpack here

#3: Vera Bradley Laptop backpack- This bag is made for laptops.. so it is a pretty large bag. There are quite a few different prints and patterns to choose from! This bag is a great bag for school or the library or places like that. Find the backpack here

#4: North Face Borealis backpack-This bag has the perfect amount of space for any girl in school. The pockets and pouches are great for staying organized! This design isn't the prettiest.. but it certainly is good for storing your stuff! Find the backpack here.

#5: North Face Jester backpack- I love the front pocket of this backpack. Great for a book, agenda, or even a monogram! It is a nice, tall backpack which helps for taking home binders and books. Everything fits well in this bag, and as an owner of two of these bags.. I strongly recommend this style! Find the bag here

Check out L.L.Bean for other good quality backpacks

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