Jun 12, 2014

Welcoming Summer with Devon!

Hey Y'all,
If you haven't seen my other two Pre- Summer Interviews with Hunter and Ashliegh.. You should go check those out after you read this post:) I interviewed some of my favorite bloggers and company owners. Today's interview is with the owner of Devon Maryn a preppy activewear brand launching later this season. If you go to their website now, you can sign up for the latest launch news by putting your email in the box! {link}

After I started following @devonmaryn on instagram.. I fell in love with this company! I thought that since Devon Maryn is launching this season, I should interview Devon to see what she has to say:) Make sure that you are following Devon Maryn on the other social media accounts: TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram. Okee dokies... Let's get on into the interview:

1. What are you looking forward to this Summer?

The beach! My husband, kids and I are very into any water-related activities. We live in the Annapolis area and frequently go boating on the Chesapeake (my husband fishes, I read, the kids swim, it’s a win-win-win.) When we can, we like to drive to Bethany Beach, Delaware for the weekend. We’re the first ones on the beach and the last ones off. I’m also originally from California, so I typically take at least one trip there over the summer and hang with my family in Orange County (lots more beach and pool activities). And of course, drink plenty of margaritas and mai tai’s. J

2. What is the weather like on an average day in Summer where you live?

In Maryland it can fluctuate quite a bit from when you wake up, to the middle of the day, to the end of the day, so I’m constantly checking the weather! It can be anywhere from the 60’s to 70’s when you wake up, get up to 90’s during the day, a freak thunderstorm mid-day, and cooling off a bit toward the evening. Of course, we have plenty of humidity, which completely wreaks havoc on my naturally curly hair!

3. What do you think will be “trending” in fashion this Summer?

I think bright colors like cobalt, turquoise, neon pink, lime green, will continue to stick around. They’re perfect for a summery vibe, and of course, bright colors and prints are the essence of most Devon Maryn clothing! I’ve been seeing tons of pineapples and lemons lately, so the fruit trend will probably continue for awhile. I also think people are really into comfort these days, so easy silhouettes and lightweight fabrics will be everywhere.

5. What is your go to pair of shoes for the upcoming season?

Flip flops or Jack Rogers! Always. I’m a true California girl, so flip flops are year-round staples for me.

6. What are some of the items on your “want list” for this Summer?

With 3 little kids, it is all about comfort and utility for me! I’m always looking for additional options to update my daily “uniform”: bright, printed shorts, flattering, lightweight v-neck t-shirts, cute & easy jersey sundresses in bright colors. For a bigger splurge item that’s not as practical, I’m looking for hot pink or lime pumps (nothing gives an outfit a pop like those!), or a new leather purse in a bright color, like from Marc Jacobs (I typically invest in 1 great bag per year).

7. Any hints as to new products or items that your customers can look forward to?

Right now I have the next 2 seasons of Devon Maryn prints planned out, but I have to get through my launch first! I also have plans to add some additional products and categories, like full-length yoga pants, jackets, and tops over the next year or so.

8. What is your favorite song at the moment?

That’s a really hard one. I am obsessed with all types of music and have a tendency to overplay a song for a week until I can’t listen to it anymore. In a given day I listen to country, pop, rap, show tunes, and instrumental—I really don’t discriminate. My favorite source for new music is Glee—I’m obsessed with that show (I’m a 16 year old girl at heart) and their covers of popular songs are just amazing and super addictive.

9. What is your favorite quote?

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” From Les Miserables. I also get really inspired when I find great quotes about entrepreneurship – scrolling through my Instagram feed can be really motivating when you see some of the “go kick ass” quotes that people post.

11. Do you have any advice for someone trying to start their own company/business?

Do you have a few hours? ;-)

• First and foremost, I would say, JUST DO IT. Assuming you’re comfortable with risk and can stomach the uncertainty, committing to an idea and starting is the hardest part. As an entrepreneur, you’ll learn more about yourself, others, and what you’re capable of than in any other environment. You’ll work harder than you’ve ever worked, but your rewards will be so much greater.

• Expect to make some big mistakes and embrace the journey. This is my third entrepreneurial venture and there is still so much to learn and so many situations you wish you’d handled differently. No one has it all figured out, so you’re not alone.

• Find some great mentors and build a support system that you can go to with any question, any problem, or when you just need a pep talk. Those days are frequent!

• DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, work with friends & family. You may think there are so many benefits to working with people who know you and want you to succeed (and there can be)—but it is NOT worth jeopardizing or ruining the most important relationships in your life. You need your family members and friends to be an unconditional support system for you as you’re on this difficult journey. Don’t muddy the waters. Just trust me on this!

• Ask for and embrace critical feedback and don’t take things personally. Nothing will improve your final work product more than some direct and honest criticism.

• Build untouchable family time into your schedule. That means no checking your phone, your email, or answering the phone when you’re supposed to be with your spouse or kids. Nothing says “I don’t care about you” like tapping away at your phone when someone is trying to talk to you. Be fully present for your
loved ones.

• Remember to enjoy yourself!! Don’t stress out all the time. Being an entrepreneur should be fun (especially if your business if a passion of yours).

12. What do you like to do in your free time?

Read! There is literally not enough time in the day to read everything I want to read. I think of myself as a “consumer of content”—I love to read books on my Kindle, magazines (I have like 10 subscriptions), news articles, social media, blogs, you name it. Sometime the amount of unread items I have on my nightstand gives me anxiety (the exact opposite reason why I read, but oh well).

13. What inspires you?

Just about everything! Colors, nature, music, fashion, interior design—any one of these things can give me a lightning strike of inspiration at any time. And of course, being surrounded by my 4 favorite people--my husband and 3 children—and their unconditional love are the ultimate inspiration for me.

How fabulous was that interview? Thanks so much Devon for letting me ask you these questions, I hope my readers enjoyed your answers as much as I enjoyed them:)


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